Classy Places To Visit In 2018

Traveling to countries you find culturally engaging is usually the best idea you can have when taking a vacation. If you don’t find the culture interesting, you’re less likely to want to explore and marvel at the historical beauty around you. However, not all vacations are for the express purpose of opening your mind, and marvelling at the very many different cultural expressions on Earth. Sometimes you may need to experience something different, something refined, something classy. This is especially important if you’re going on a honeymoon, celebrating a business achievement, or some other such high-class activity. For this, the best of the best will only do.


This following list of classy environments to visit will give you that feeling of courteous glamour. After all, sometimes you simply need to treat yourself well.


Paris is the icing on the cake when it comes to beautiful food, art, and general bohemian culture. If you’re looking for wonderful theatre, opera, arthouse cinema and many other artistic expressions, then this is the place to go. Not only does almost everyone in this wonderful city have an appreciation for the arts, but an understanding of what’s good and desirable in artistic presence. This city is not afraid to experiment and push the boat out regarding artistic innovation, meaning that you can truly see artistic displays and galleries that would otherwise evade you in your home country.

Home to some of the most impressive five-star hotels in the world, and very premium yet affordable accommodation lodges, Paris can serve as a high-class destination to visit without breaking the bank trying to experience something new. While megacities such as New York or London do offer the metropolitan experience, and have some of the best amenities the world has to offer, none are backed up with quite the artistic fervour that permeates the city streets of wonderful Paris.


If you’re interested in wonderful fashion, nightlife, relaxed drinking and general beauty, then Prague is the place to go. Cheap flights to Prague are easy to find, and the views you gain of the Czech geography when flying there are nothing less than breathtaking. Prague is one of the most wonderful destinations for anyone to visit, particularly if you enjoy good eating and great wine. From the Hemingway Bar to Cafe Savoy, Eska and La Finestra, some of the most hidden gems in the Czech Republic are hidden in the small city streets of Prague. The city, while sporting a very premium feel is more than welcome to outsiders, which is a hallmark of the Czech populace at large. A visit here is sure to be filled with delectable delights, to the point where indulgence feels like a luxury at every turn. This is the perfect place to impress a lover, or celebrate a marriage recently tied.

Visiting these destinations should give you more than enough classy experience for one year. You’ll return the following, we just know it.

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