Random Acts of Kindness: Give Something Different this Christmas

If, like me, you struggle around Christmas time deciding what to get loved ones and frantically spend too much money in the shops trying to please people, to which you don’t actually know whether they’ll like it or not, then why not try something different this year?

I recently stumbled upon Oxfam’s latest campaign “Random Acts of Kindness”, which is all about how little things like donating to charities can have a huge difference on those people living in poverty, places like Vietnam (below), a place with poor healthcare (13 million people in poverty), women and people living in rural areas who face daily discrimination.

LifestyleFamily Infog (2).png

As you can see above, from donating £1 this can help provide clean water to new mums and babies, massive right, that’s the same price as a can of drink to us. Anyway, the campaign looks at how random acts of kindness, such as donate online to Oxfam, has a huge impact on people, whether this is saving lives, or just simply helping improve someone’s day who is close to you.

I’ll still be buying presents for my family, but i’ll also be making sure at this time of year to spread a few random acts of kindness to people, just little things that will make someone’s day without even expecting it. It can be a difficult time of year and you don’t fully know what struggles or background stories people are battling with, so take some time out to think before acting, we all know how stressful shopping can be if it’s busy and admittedly i’d usually get stressed out at something like slow walkers or big queues, but this year i’m going to take a step back and take it all in.

What random acts of kindness have you received this year? Let me know in the comments below and how it helped your day…

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