3 Types of Easily-Produced Video Content

Compared to most other types of content, videos can be decidedly more difficult to produce. Despite the fact that the prevalence of video cameras in digital cameras and smartphones has made it more convenient to record videos, turning it into professional-looking content often involves further logistics.

If you are looking for types of video content that can be produced relatively easily, there are a few options that you may want to consider:

  • How-to guides

Guides are rather easy to produce, though the exact difficulty will vary depending on the subject matter and style of the guide. If you really wanted to however you could even compile a how-to video guide that comprises of a simple slideshow showing each step coupled with a voiceover narration. Recording guides that consist of live footage is rather easy as well, so long as you keep its scope simple and limit it to the essentials.

  • Interviews via video calls

While setting up and recording physical interviews can involve a lot of logistics, doing so via a video call is far easier. All that you really need to pull this off is a screen recorder so that you’ll be able to record the video call itself. The only other tricky part is setting up interviews with compelling subjects and finding good questions and follow-ups to ask them. The drawback of interviews via video calls is they lack the personal one-on-one vibe of in-person interviews – but with the right subject, they can be very interesting nonetheless.

  • Behind-the-scenes ‘peeks’

As one of the more popular types of videos for building a brand, behind-the-scenes ‘peeks’ are actually quite easy to produce. Because the audience expects (and wants) a certain raw authenticity, there is no need to attempt to polish the video or make it look too professional. Instead it is often a good idea to lean into that raw expectation by shooting videos that are candid and then only editing them in as minimal a way as possible.

As you can see these types of videos are distinctly easy to produce and can be designed to require little in terms of actual logistics. It is up to you to determine which type of video you feel will be best for your website however, depending on the niche that you’re in as well as your audience.

video editor (3).jpg

If you’re concerned that editing a video will be difficult and complicated, you could try Movavi Video Editor. Its features will not only let you cut and join video segments, enhance the video quality, include audio tracks and more – and you could also use it as a time lapse maker or to apply other effects. Because of its simple and intuitive approach, you should have no trouble compiling your video content using it.

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