Toro Rosso Formula 1 x Casio Watches

Following on from my last post about the luxury watch collaborations, it’s actually opened my eyes up to something I wasn’t initially fussed about (watches) and have since then been admiring the various collaborations there is out there.

One thing i’m feeling at the moment is the collaborations between watch manufacturers and sports brands, with the latest one catching my eye. Check out the video below Casio have just released with Toro Rosso drivers Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kyvat, focusing on ‘staying in sync’ and I have to say it just fits perfectly, giving you an understanding of how Formula 1 drivers have to stay in sync whilst competing (tying in the watch theme nicely).

The use of video to promote the watch really caught my eye and I feel using Formula 1 drivers is always a winner in the watch industry, as racing and style has gone hand in hand for years now. The whole focus of “staying in sync” is a clever way of linking time and the sport. As Carlos mentions in the video, “being in sync means always being in touch with your teammates”, which can be related to in everyday life, keeping in sync with the day.

The watch in focus is the Casio EQB-500DB which has gone straight on my Christmas list. It features bluetooth technology engineered with Japanese movement and is priced at £325. The large, vibrant blue face along with stainless steel strap gives this a sublime finish and I bet it looks great on the wrist.

What’s your favourite watch collaboration on 2016? I’d love to know in the comments below…

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