Brand Spotlight: Boiga London

As some of you may know, my blog used to solely be a place for showcasing independent UK fashion brands, and even though i’ve taken a lifestyle angle to it nowadays, I still have an interest in fashion brands and great designs.

One of those brands is Boiga London, which I recently discovered and tried. They have a great selection on menswear including t-shirts, shirts and trousers, but the one thing that sets these apart in my opinion is the ethical fabrics and extravagant designs that come with it. Just looking on their site you are instantly hit with colours and patterns you have to be brave to wear, but with the right outfit these will look great.

I’m not one of those brave souls though, and opted for the ‘Bamboo’ logo tee, which comes in black or grey, with the Boiga logo stencilled on the front. This is one of the softest t-shirts I have ever owned I think. It came in a nicely wrapped black paper package with logo sticker on top, and once I opened I was instantly delighted with the quality. The fit itself is on the baggy side (I ordered a Large, when a medium would have been better) but the quality is spot on.



The brand itself; they’re committed to colour and their bold designs bring choice to menswear which is usually something saturated in the female fashion market. The prints are hand drawn and the Italian silks are hand picked. They say everything is designed “with a sense of fun and adventure”, which is a quote I like when it comes to design.

Want to find more UK independent fashion brands? Check out my fashion section for more.

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