Lancaster Music Festival 2016

The weekend just gone, I ventured back to my home town of Lancaster for a quick visit to see the parents, which resulted in a great day at Lancaster Music Festival. If any of you know Lancaster, it’s not the busiest of places and growing up there, the atmosphere was lacking a bit (moving to Liverpool made me realise this). However, when my train pulled in around 2pm on Saturday, I was instantly hit by a vibrant buzz of people venturing towards the pubs.

I travelled back not knowing much about it to be honest, but the first venue we hit was Merchants 1688, near the train station, and although there wasn’t any music in the time we were there, the beer garden was full as people gathered to meet for the day. If you’re ever in Lancaster, they have a great selection of ales here, including my local village brewery ‘Old School Brewery‘ which I highly recommend.

Another notable place on our day out was ‘The Hall’, which is a cafe usually run by the local Atkinsons Coffee, but for the festival it was transformed in to a great venue space with bands in the corner and enough space for an intimate crowd of 50 or so music lovers. They had a great selection of bottles here, primarily from Hawkshead Brewery. I had a bottle of their NZPA Pale Ale and caught a great Manchester band called ‘The Blame’ (i’ll certainly be checking these out if they’re ever in Liverpool).

Across the day we visited about 6 or 7 venues, each with their own genre of music from Irish Folk to Indie, and each venue was packed to the door. There was a food market in the middle of the city centre too, and an outdoor stage at the castle, which we didn’t actually venture to. All in all, it’s a great event for the city and one i’ll definitely be going back to next year. It’s great to see a city usually lacking atmosphere to be brimming with people from all areas of the country come together and celebrate local music, ales and businesses. See you in 2017.

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