What I’m Listening to // October

Last month I put up a playlist of music i’m feeling at the moment, so I’ve decided to do it as a bit of a feature on here and create a playlist each month. This is a way of getting an idea of what i’m about, what influences my blog (as I’m usually listening to these whilst writing) and hopefully you can find some new music yourself.

I’m no music expert so a lot of these tracks you’ll have probably heard, but i’ve put them all in one place so feel free to listen and I hope you enjoy! There’s loads of great rapper’s albums out in recent months (see my last playlist for a few of these), so my main sounds at the moment are this, chilled out electronic and some upbeat tunes ready for the club season.

Note: I actually prefer Apple Music and I use it daily, but I know a lot of you have Spotify and the playlists are easier to share, hence the decision.


1. Mura Masa – Love$ick (feat. A$AP Rocky)

I’m a big fan of Mura Masa beats since that “What If I Go?” track earlier in the year and caught his set at Parklife, so this collab with A$AP Rocky is right up my street. He released the track previously but the addition of A$AP has made it for me.

2. Danny Brown – Really Doe (feat. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt)

What a line up on this track, it would be rude not to feature it. Great to see Danny Brown back too, the new album is 🔥.

3. The Weeknd & Daft Punk – Starboy

This song is everywhere right now and I actually really like it (the other release not so much), but I can’t wait for the album.

4. Xavier Omar – Blind Man

I don’t actually know much about Xavier Omar, other than he’s from San Antonio and has a new album out this month. Great vibes.

5. RAY BLK – Chill Out (feat. SG Lewis)

Following on the nice vibes…

6. Slowz – Holding You

And again. A bit more electronic than the previous two and has a bit of a late summer feel 👏

7. Khüdósoul – Prayers (feat. îota)

Another I don’t know much about but I do like a nice chilled instrumental so all over this. Kaytranada brought my love for instrumentals back…

8. Bearcubs – Peaky (feat. Beau Young Prince)

Great beats and nice vocals on this one

9. Dave – Wanna Know

Great name 😭 This actually popped up on my discovered for Apple Music and heard a few talking about him, the new EP is decent.

10. Mick Jenkins – Daniels Bloom

This is a really nice album if you’re in to your hip-hop. One of the stand out tracks from the debut.

11. Mac Miller – My Favourite Part (feat. Ariana Grande)

I could have picked any track from this album released last month. Been playing this a lot.

12. Ty Dolla $ign – Watching (feat. Meek Mill)

Same with this one, the album came out last month and was one of the biggest releases. This was a stand out track, along with the ‘Campaign’ single

13. Juicy J – Ballin (feat. Kanye West)

Anything with Kanye West is a winner, so when I saw this on Pigeons & Planes I had to listen

14. Fono – Light Up (feat. D/C)

I’ve been following Fono for a while after hearing a couple of DJs drop ‘Feet On The Ground’and the recent ‘NRG’. Quite a unique sound on all of them. This ones on the same EP but a bit more chilled out. Nice vocals too.

15. Machinedrum – Dos Puertas (feat. Kevin Hussein)

I featured Machinedrum on the last playlist but since then the new album has come up with this being my stand out track.

16. Kidnap Kid – Mist

7 minutes long but once again a great track from Kidnap Kid.

17. Nautiluss – Odyssey

Heard this on a recent playlist and was instantly hooked, great finisher.

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