Fun Sports Cars That Are Bizarrely Cheap To Buy

Many of us would love to own a sports car, but practicality and finances so often get in the way. It turns out, though, that there are many vehicles out there that are incredibly cost-effective yet still give you good V8 thrills. 

Here’s the rundown. 

The Mitsubishi 3000GT

Remember 3000GT? The Japanese automaker attempted to go up against the likes of the Nissan Skyline and the American Corvette.

The vehicle had all the sporty lines of a 1990s car of the era and looked very similar to the enigmatic Honda NSX.

Today, though, the car is off the radar of most buyers, meaning that the vehicle’s price is much lower than you might think. The interior isn’t quite up to the same standards as today’s vehicles. But thanks to the manual control, gearing and hydraulics, you get a good old-fashioned driving experience. And that’s something worth paying for. 

Even if you haven’t got the money to buy it outright, organisations like CarFinanceGenie offer a range of finance deals with zero deposit. This means that you don’t actually need a pile of cash sitting around to buy a vehicle. 

The Audi TT

The original Audi TT was quite a car to behold when the German automaker first released it. Nobody had ever seen anything like it before. It had a bubble-like appearance, making it look like nothing else on the market at the time. It was almost beetle-like in appearance. 

The inside was a little weird too. The cockpit was like stepping into a Victorian’s idea of the future. And there was space in the back, but only for extreme thin people. 

The TT, however, became an instant hit, thanks to the all-wheel drive and incredible lightweight. Audi had finally made a sports car for the masses. And it was epic. 

The Nissan 300ZX

Everybody focuses on the original Nissan Skyline as being one of the greatest driver’s cars of all time, but relatively few focus on the 300ZX. And that’s a shame. 

The car is superb in the performance department and features a twin-turbo engine that produces an incredible roar when you depress the accelerator. It also comes with a lovely grand tourer design, meaning that it’s the sort of car you can take out for a couple of days on the open road, just enjoying the experience. What’s more, many second-hand models go for much less than £10,000, which is quite remarkable when you consider the original price tag of the vehicle. 

Pontiac Solstice

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of the Pontiac Solstice – it’s a rare car from a classic brand. The car looks a little bit like a convertible Mazda MX-5 and offers extreme performance because of its lightweight. 

The great thing about this car is that it is almost impossible to date. Thanks to the advanced styling and allow wheels, it could very well be a 2020 car, even though it’s from 2007. Again, you can usually pick these up for less than five figures. 

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