Dressing Like A Professional (When You’re Anything But!)

Being a professional in this world isn’t just about having the acumen and the knowledge, it’s about your style. When you are doing your best to communicate that you are someone who is professional, when you are anything but, getting back into the swing of things when it’s been a long time coming, or maybe you’ve been working from home for so long, acquiring that image that’s not just eye-catching, but on the right side of showy, is quite a tactical task. So where do you begin?


Look At The Wider Context

Maybe you’re going for a job, in which case you’re better off looking at the dress code and working from there. When it comes to planning a killer wardrobe, there is no point in going for certain styles when you will be sure to stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, examined the styles and wardrobe of the company you are working for, or aim to impress, and build up a wardrobe that can make you look like one of them, and therefore give off a good impression. If you are looking for ways to impress, especially when you are going into an organisation full of high fliers, the little touches make a substantial impact. For example, while it may not be something that comes to mind right away, the right watch can catch someone’s eye and pique their interest in you, and something like an Armani AR2434 watch is a very simple way to communicate a lot of style in one small piece of jewellery. When it comes to jewellery, you need to be careful not to go too far, and this is why a good watch or a pair of cufflinks stays on the right side of showy.

Communicating Your Personality

While you’ve looked at the dress code of the company, from there, you can pick a couple of basic items to dress up but you still need to communicate your individuality. You could very easily go for the casual attire, which puts across your relaxed, laid-back attitude, but is this really what you want to go for? When it comes to business dress codes, it falls into three specific categories, casual, semi-formal, and formal. Casual doesn’t give you permission to wear shorts and sandals, you still got to keep you’ll get up serious. This means, at the very low end of the spectrum, a shirt or a polo shirt. Steer clear of denim, any footwear that’s not a well-designed shoe, and t-shirts with logos are completely forbidden, even on dress down Friday! If you are adamant on making a good impression, you still need to remember that you’re in a professional environment, even if you have 25 Metallica t-shirts at home.

Standing Out In The Right Way

Standing out in the right way can be a difficult line to straddle, but once you’ve addressed the notion of jewellery, and communicated your individual personality, the other little approaches can differentiate you from the next person in the call centre going for a promotion. While you may only have the money for one suit, if you have a variety of dress shirts, this doesn’t just help provide a sense of diversity, but it’s a great way to make your suit look different, just as long as you choose the appropriate patterns. When you’re in a professional environment, and a tie is expected, be sure to have it in a good knot. While you may only know the basic four in hand style, by upgrading to a Windsor or double Windsor knot, this is another one of those little touches that could catch the eye of the right person. When picking a suit, be sure to have it fitted to your contours; there is nothing more unimpressive than a suit that is not just unflattering but clearly shows that you’ve bought an expensive suit to dress yourself up, without having the funds to take it in properly.

It’s a very competitive professional world. And when you are doing your utmost to make a good impression, dressing like a professional isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s not just the plain suit and tie getup anymore! What you wear will say a lot about you, which is why it’s important for you to stand out in the right ways. Communicating your attitude to the work environment, but also showing that you are built for bigger and better things further down the line is a lot to put across in your sartorial style, but it’s achievable.

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