Working in an Office Around Christmas Time

Ever since graduating from University, I’ve worked in 2 different offices around Christmas time. One good thing about working in an office is the ability to book around 3 annual leave days which ends up getting about 10 days off, but the build up to Christmas is what I really like. One thing i’ve noticed is the amount of ‘treats’ that slowly ramps up through December, each day there’s more chocolates being handed around, along with a Christmas Party, Christmas lunch and early finishes.

It’s not always been easy though, I used to work in retail and that was horrendous (never again thanks). Anyone who works in retail will know that it never ends, there’s the mad rush of shoppers right up until Christmas Eve, then just as you see the light at the end of the tunnel you’re then hit with those dreaded Boxing Day sales, at least you get one day off right? 🤔 I also used to work in the music industry, which meant working Boxing Night, New Years Eve and the whole lot, so i’m definitely not complaining now.

Anyway, back to the office life, when December 1st appears, you’re hit with Christmas decorations appearing all over the place, which makes me think about what effect this has on workplace motivation and productivity. For me, I feel that decorations around the office help with productivity, you’re start to feel like the end of the year is in sight, which means you have your ‘to do’ list to finish before Christmas, knowing nothing more is going to be added to it. This helps me personally, as I can start to tick things off, and with how happy you feel seeing fairy lights and tinsel around the room, means a more motivated office!

I noticed Furniture at Work are currently running a competition on their social media (ends Wednesday 20th Dec), where you simply upload a picture of your office Christmas decorations with #DeckYourDesk for a chance to win £500. Pretty decent considering how expensive this time of year is. You can find this below if you fancy entering.



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