3 Tips to a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainable living has become somewhat of a trend lately, but for all the best reasons. While hipsters and self-proclaimed tree-huggers can fill their mason jars with whatever deconstructed food they’d like, there’s nothing wrong with making an honest attempt at living a bit greener. It will save you money, first of all, and give a sense of control that is so easy to lose when technology and supermarkets provide everything you need.

Here is a simple guide to achieving a more sustainable lifestyle than you had yesterday so that you too can contribute to a green and healthy future. If for nothing else, at least you can tell your grandchildren that you tried.


#1 Consumerism: Repair and reuse

Consumerism can get the better of us during all days of the week, and you can easily cut down on the amount of stuff you purchase. It will be way more cost-effective, in the long run, so buckle up; clothes, shoes, some electronics, and furniture should be repaired as much as possible rather than replaced.

If you invest in quality clothes now, it will be a lot more likely to still look good a few years down the road – and you’ll be way more inclined to fix it rather than replace it when you spent so much money, in the first place.

It’s not exactly heartbreaking when your cheap sweater gets a hole in it, to put it like that, but a pair of handsome leather shoes can easily be treated to a bit of fix-up. Leather, quality wool, and sturdy clothes deserve to be worn and loved for years. It’s a reason for all those clothes at the second-hand shop usually being of exceptional quality; they outlast the cheap stuff and will hang around for many years to come.

#2 Produce: DIY

Alright – we can’t all be hobby farmers with a few chickens and a large vegetable garden to keep us sustained at home. We can try, though, and a great way to go about with this is to either start planting a few vegetables when spring finally returns, or simply to invest in a proper greenhouse.

The latter is a great option as you’ll be able to grow whatever you fancy and won’t have to worry about the elements messing with your harvest; Halls 8ft wide magnum greenhouse is a sturdy alternative for newbie green-thumbs, and it will look boost the value of your property too.

When vegetable gardens and greenhouses seem like an overkill, you can always start by keeping a few potted herbs at home. They will be perfectly free from pesticides, and the most short-traveled produce you have – in addition to what you manage to bring back from your local farmer’s’ market, that is.


#3 Garden: Accommodate for wildlife

A sustainable lifestyle means that you cover all aspects of it; from choosing to walk or cycle rather than driving, growing your own food, cutting down on consumerism – and caring about the life around you.

Now that it’s getting so much chillier outside, you’ll have a number of small creatures who struggle to survive. Not because they haven’t been out on a cold winter’s night before, though, but rather due to the mix of rainy and freezing winters, early springs, and the increase of extreme weather the last decade.

Check this site out if you are interested in reading the full list of species who would love a helping hand, and think twice before you tidy up in your garden this autumn. Birds need a bit more time to finish eating all the berries in your neighborhood, so leave the bushes alone and put out a tray of sunflower seeds for them to feast on.

When spring arrives, you should consider inviting a few plant into your garden that will attract butterflies and bees, by the way, and remember to put out a pile of lodges for any freezing hedgehog during the winter. They might wander into your garden shed for heat, by the way, so clear away anything they risk hurting themselves on or getting stuck in.
Sustainable living isn’t just about recycling your grandparent’s clothes and cycling everywhere – although it would be great if you did this too. Think about the wildlife, repair those shoes instead of buying new ones, and learn to live with a bit less. It’s great news for your wallet and the environment.

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