Should You Buck The Trend For Stag Parties?

Stag dos are meant to be special. They’re meant to represent the last night of freedom; an event where you can spend time with your friends and enjoy their company for the last time as a single man. A stag do is a rite of passage, and one that you should enjoy.

However, there’s no denying that stag parties have something of a tendency to be a little… well… samey.

Once upon a time, a stag do was a night out at the pub with friends of the groom, usually the night before the wedding. Over time, the tradition has evolved. Modern stag parties are now a riot of activities, lasting several days or encompassing an entire week in a foreign country. That’s wonderful, and means you will be kissing goodbye to your single days in style, but there’s no doubt that even the new and improved stag dos have a tendency to feel similar to one another.

When assessing the classic options of partying in an eastern European capital or opting for the old favourite of paintball stag parties, you may be wondering if you should do something different for your ‘do. Maybe you should be the groom who bucks the trends; go to a museum or for a quiet meal out; the one who does their own thing rather than the traditional stag activities? Should you be the groom who does something different?


Simple answer: no. Here’s why.

1) The Classic Stag Parties Are Popular For A Reason

Simply put, the new-classic stag party activities are popular because people like them. As the stag, you’re going to want your friends to enjoy your last night(s) as much as you do. Opting for an odd activity that is niche only to your interests, you run the risk of your last night of fun being not-so-great for the people you should be celebrating with.

Sure, heading to a casino, going paintballing, or any of the other oft-repeated stag activities might not be the most original idea in the world– but they do offer the best guarantee of fun-for-all.

2) You Might Regret Missing Out On The Classics

Spending time with your friends, living it up for an evening, visiting another country or pelting one another with paint– there’s no doubt these activities are memorable. These are stag traditions that offer unique moments and opportunities for bonding, made all the stronger by the fact thousands of other men have experienced them before you. You become part of a fraternity of thousands with these new-classic stag activities, and that’s not to be overlooked.

While you might think you want something new and different, you might eventually come to feel you missed out as you didn’t indulge in the “classic” stag party activities. As you’re only going to get married once, following the traditional route might be the best choice to ensure you get the full experience.

3) The New-Classic Activities Are Used To Stag Parties

Businesses that run the new-classic stag dos are professionals. They’ve experienced stag party groups before, they know how to handle these events, and they also know how to ensure your needs as a group are catered to. Paintball companies, casinos, and overseas tour operators know what to expect from stag parties, and they also they know how to provide the best experience possible.

If you go outside of the traditional stag party setup, then there’s a chance you’ll run into problems. If you decide your stag party is going to include a trip to a museum — for example — then there’s a good chance that museum will have no idea how to handle a huge group of excited guys descending on them. You could find your stag do quickly turns sour if a venue isn’t able to accommodate a large, boisterous group of guys– a problem you don’t have to worry about with the new-classic activities.

In Conclusion

While your idea for a “different” stag party might sound wonderful, try to remember that in practice, it might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

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