Any excuse for a few more hours in bed…

Alright lads, we can admit it… We’ve all had trouble with acne at some point in our lives. I remember buying every product there was an advert on TV for, in the hope it would jog on and leave me looking class, but in reality everyone was the same.

We stumbled upon this from Adjustable Beds, an independent study on how better sleep can help get clearer skin. Now, I know this follows the week of a girl testing it out, but men get acne too and any excuse for a bit more sleep at night!

I’m gonna give this a go! The girl (Dorothy) is hitting 8 hours of kip a night, i’m currently on about 6 so it’s either an early night or a lie in for me from now on. Who else is up for it? I don’t really have skin problems currently but you can’t go wrong with looking after yourself.

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