Have You Ever Thought About Building a Man Shed?

I don’t currently own a home, but the one thing that’s making me change my mind and jumping on the property ladder, is the thought of having a garden for the summer months. Imagine the BBQs, outdoor seating area and the option to buy one of those blow up jacuzzi’s everyone is currently going crazy for. One thing I would have in the garden is the ultimate man shed.

Badger Ales ran a competition for someone to win the ultimate man shed for Rugby fans, which you can see the final one in the video below. I’m not the biggest Rugby fan (more about football, sorry), but the video itself got me thinking about what i’d have in my man shed if I had one. Some of the things in the video i’d definitely include, beer fridge (obviously), massive TV and plush chairs are a must.

So, what else would I include in my man shed? The main angle for it would definitely revolve around music. Imagine a space where you could play your music as loud as you want, no complaints and a great, clear sound. Top of the range speakers, combined with some DJ decks in the corner, and kit out the walls with the same stuff you get in a recording studio. I’ve always wanted to learn to DJ, so this could be an excuse to start. I’d also have a space for vinyl, with a full wall of shelves filled with sleeves (alphabetical order of course).

It wouldn’t all be music though, along with a bar,TV set up and space for gaming, i’d also bring the man shed outside a bit, with a decking area for BBQ parties, speakers outside, and full seating area. Sounds good, right?

What would you have in your man shed? Let me know in the comments below…

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One thought on “Have You Ever Thought About Building a Man Shed?

  1. I was wondering how much it would cost for the blueprints to make one of those if you guys sell the blueprints or not

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