Wishlist for the Home: Spring Edition

Since living in my own apartment, the old days of spending all my wages on unnecessary clothes and food has gone, and instead I actually get excited at things I can buy for the home. I’ve started to actually take pride in my place and there’s now no better feeling than having guests over who genuinely compliment what you’ve done with the place.

As I rent the apartment, i’m limited with things I can do, so there’s no painting the place up or bringing in my own furniture, but there’s still lots I can do to not only make it homely, but also make it ‘mine’ with my influences and interests. So, on that note, here’s a little wish list of things i’ll certainly be purchasing on the lead up to spring (good riddance Winter, the worst season).

‘Stranger Things’ Framed Retro Poster

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I actually saw this on Complex’s Instagram page and it instantly caught my eye. The programme itself I was hooked on (season 2 i’m ready), but the actual design and whitewashed look of this retro poster is so eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing . I think it will look great in the hallway as the first thing you see, and who knows I might create a wall of framed posters and images to really stand out. Only £16 on Etsy too!

Umbra Cubist Shelf

Umbra is a housewares brand i’ve grown to admire thanks to Utility (a great shop from Liverpool who sell similar housewares and quirky gifts) and with plants being my main focal point for the home, i’m always looking for cool ways to display these in the room.

This cubist shelf is top of my list and a great way to brighten up white walls. I love the minimalist design on this (and all their products in fact), but more shelving is something i’m looking at for my apartment so this will fit in with my current decor, especially in the living room and it’s not too bad at £40!

Panasonic Wireless Speaker System

This is something that I’ve actually been thinking about for a while and saving up for. I love technology for the home, there’s nothing better than watching a series in Ultra HD on a decent sized TV, or listening to music on a good quality system. I hate wires too so the more wireless the better.

These Panasonic Speaker System are the ones that have caught my eye the most. The slick design would look great just sat on the shelf next to some plants or vinyls, and in terms of quality it would give a great sounds in a nice sized apartment. I currently plug my phone in to my speakers to listen to an album but the thought of not even having to get off my arse to play it would be perfect.

Nintendo Switch


Okay this isn’t something I necessarily need, but ever since the launch video got released last year I’ve told myself i’m going to get one for the home when released (out in March). I’ve got a PS4 at the moment, which i’ll keep and still buy titles for, but every memory of playing games as a child was Nintendo, things like Super Mario, Mario Kart and Zelda, so to play these again on a brand new console is a massive winner.

I’ll mainly play this in the home, but the bonus touch of being able to take it on the move has sold it for me.

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