Product Review: Murdock London Hair Care

If there’s one thing that’s important to me, it’s good hair care, and I’m not one to shy away from trying new products and switching up techniques to get the best finish with my hair. Over the past month or so, I’ve been fortunate enough to try out the range from Murdock London, including their […]

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Review: Top Luxury Men’s Shampoo Choices

Men's luxury shampoo - image

Let’s admit it, when it comes to shampoo for our hair, most of us just opt for whatever is on offer in the supermarkets or just use the girlfriend’s fruity stuff, it’s never something we’ve put much thought in to and how it has an affect on our haircare and style. So the last few weeks i’ve been […]

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Review: The Top Men’s Hair Products for Fine Hair

Men's hair products for fine hair - image - cascade of colour blog

I was recently sent a care package from the guys over at Mankind with a selection of hair products best suited for fine (or thinning) hair. Now, i’m not losing my hair but i’ve always had really thin, soft hair which causes a real pain when styling, and living in a city like Liverpool where it’s […]

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