Review: Handmade Skincare from Simply Soaps

I’ve done a fair few skincare reviews on here, and i’ve noticed the factor different ingredients have on your skin, especially those that are natural, as opposed to not. One thing I haven’t found though is a good beard oil. I don’t really have a full beard but it’s at that stage where, when not […]

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What’s in my grüum Skin-care Kit?

gruum kit review

Skincare and beauty subscription boxes are something that i’ve seen becoming ever more popular recently (since i’ve been blogging anyway), but it’s usually female focused and i’ve never really looked in to it. However, recently I stumbled upon Manchester based face-care brand grüum (pronounced groom) who create face-care kits based around your needs, whether that’s […]

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Men’s Fragrance Wishlist for Autumn

Following on from my Autumn Fashion wish list last week , I thought i’d accompany this with a wish list of men’s fragrances, new and old, I personally think would be great for the Autumn Winter months. Summer was all about the citrusy scents but Autumn also brings out the more grounded choices too. Below […]

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Fragrance Review: Milano Cento Him

milano cento review image

When it comes to fragrances for summer, i’m always attracted by the Italian citrusy scents, with the likes of Acqua Di Parma (Bergamot) being a favourite of mine. So when I was given the chance to try Milano Cento Him, I was excited to hear it was inspired by the wonderfully aromatic plants of Italy. […]

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Fragrance Review: Gruhme No. 14

gruhme no 14 review image

I’m always looking for a summer holiday fragrance, one that reminds you of that week away in the sun for years afterwards. So I was recently delighted to receive a parcel from the guys at Gruhme before my trip to Montenegro, and inside the careful packaging was their new eu de toilette, Gruhme No. 14. […]

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Review: BRYT Skincare Men’s Collection

bryt skincare review - image

I was recently delighted to receive a parcel from the guys at BRYT Skincare and inside an array of colour boxes containing their ‘BRYT for him‘ collection, including hair & body wash, moisturiser, shaving oil and face foaming cleanser. Their slogan on the boxes reads “Invest in youthful skin” and their products combine essential oils […]

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Review: Top Luxury Men’s Shampoo Choices

Men's luxury shampoo - image

Let’s admit it, when it comes to shampoo for our hair, most of us just opt for whatever is on offer in the supermarkets or just use the girlfriend’s fruity stuff, it’s never something we’ve put much thought in to and how it has an affect on our haircare and style. So the last few weeks i’ve been […]

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