Staying Safe When Travelling Alone

Traveling alone is a major step to take when you’re usually surrounded by a large group of friends and relatives. You may feel anxious just thinking about it, and attempting to plan ahead for such a vacation may make you want to cancel it totally!

Traveling alone, on the other hand, is a terrific experience to have under your belt if you’re someone who loves to pursue their wanderlust. And if you’re concerned about your safety when there’s no one there to bounce ideas off of, here are some recommendations for solitary travellers.

Spend A Little More On Your Stay To Feel Safe

If you want to travel alone for the first time but sleeping in a less expensive hostel makes you anxious, spend a little more money for a secure hotel room. It’s worth it if it’ll give you peace of mind, so don’t feel terrible if you go a little over budget here. This is your first trip abroad on your own, and you should assist yourself get acclimated to it by sleeping somewhere safe and comfortable.

Get Your Car Serviced

Many solo travelers begin by taking road trips; it’s a fantastic way to feel safe because you’re in a familiar vehicle, plus it helps you find your feet out there on your own. But, before you leave, make sure your car or van is serviced. Take it to a mechanic who can fulfil its needs. Let’s put a potential roadside breakdown on hold until your third or fourth solo journey!

Have A Way To Communicate

First and foremost, ensure that your loved ones are aware of your plans and have full specifics on flight timings, hotel addresses, and the cars you rent along the trip. Aside from that, it’s always a good idea to have a way to communicate with those back home.

Many people use data roaming in this location; it can be costly if you don’t bring a dongle or hotspot with you, so make sure to include this on your packing list. Create a group chat to guarantee that everyone receives the message, and keep it updated on a daily basis for peace of mind.

Make Certain You Have Complete Insurance

Comprehensive travel insurance protects you in the event of loss, theft, or medical emergencies, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Travel insurance is usually not too expensive to obtain, so there’s no reason not to include the comprehensive clause in your policy! Simply double-check before adding anything to your basket, and use comparison websites to find the best deal. Using things like a travel wallet and a Watch travel case can help you to keep your belongings safe. 

Maintain Your Awareness

Finally, it’s wise to keep your wits about you while you’re on your own in an unfamiliar environment. For example, if you’re out on the town and want to get a drink at a bar, order a smaller size than you normally would.

Don’t overdrink, don’t accept any beverages, and if you’re going out to eat, know where you’re going and how to get back. Bring a guide as well as your phone, and keep some money in a safe place in case you become lost or stuck.

If you’re going solo for the first time, do whatever you need to do to feel comfortable, regardless of what anyone tells you!

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