What You’ll Need for a Fun and Safe Fishing Trip

A fishing trip is a fantastic way to spend time with your family and friends and can result in a great meal when you get back from your adventure. You can also go solo when you’re fishing, and finally get a chance to relax somewhere quiet and peaceful while hopefully catching some dinner to bring home.

However, you can’t just set off without any equipment to speak of. Here are some tips on what to bring on your next fishing trip.

  1. Your Fishing License

Fishing in England and Wales requires you to understand and follow certain rules and guidelines. Different areas have different rules about what, where, and when you can fish, but regardless of where you go, you will at least need a fishing license.

Adults and children over 13 require a fishing license, or you may be subject to a hefty fine. The good news is that children under the age of 16 only need a junior license, which is free. As long as you have a license and you follow the local rules, your fishing trip should go more smoothly.

  1. Your Rod and Tackle

Yes, you likely won’t be surprised to read that you need a fishing rod to go fishing. But that’s not the only equipment you’ll need. As well as the rod itself and the reel, you will need some fishing line. You should also have fish hooks (including spares, you will lose some).

As the saying goes, you catch a fish “hook, line, and sinker.” The hook and the line are fairly self-explanatory, but the “sinker” is a weight that keeps the bait or lure under the water so that the fish can get at it. The bait or lure will change depending on which fish you’re trying to catch as well as the local rules. You should also use a bobber, which floats on the surface of the water and moves when a fish finds the bait.

  1. Your Clothing

Anglers don’t wear their fishing clothing because they think it looks good. Proper clothing and footwear will keep you safe and comfortable as you fish, especially if you’re wading into the water or using a boat. Wet clothes can get very unpleasant after you’ve been sitting in them for a few hours.

Appropriate footwear is important even if you aren’t planning on getting into the water, as your feet at least are going to get wet. Skee tex boots, free delivery being a bonus, are waterproof and thermal so that your feet can stay comfortably warm and dry.

  1. Recommended Extras

As well as the fishing-specific gear mentioned above, you should also be well-stocked with more generic supplies. For example, a first aid kit can patch you up if you get into any trouble. You’ll be thankful for it if you find yourself on the wrong end of a fishing hook.

You should also stock up with food and drinks, fishing is at least a half-day activity. Bring an icebox in case you catch any fish and a portable deck chair so that you can truly relax.

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