How Anyone Can Get Better At Playing The Piccolo

Whatever the instrument, practice and perfection of the form are crucial to be able to do more with it. Amongst the most popular of the woodwinds, the piccolo is an instrument that is extremely and widely expressive, able to play soft melodies or to rise above and lead a group its strength and height. It also reaches a much higher range than the flute. A new infographic from Ted’s List makes it much easy to find the direction you can take towards playing the piccolo much better.

These new tips encourage not just frequent practice, but more mindful practice. This includes setting challenges for yourself and making sure that you record your performances so you can watch yourself back. As such, this can allow you to better see what mistakes you might be making that you may not be able to spot when you’re in the middle of a performance.

However, the tips also highlight the importance of making sure that you’re in good form. For instance, warming up with breathing exercises can help you make sure that you have your breath control in place before you start playing, while finger exercises can help you improve your dexterity and be able to finger more effectively.

Just as important, according to the tips, is expanding upon the creative side of learning an instrument. Playing alongside others, even if it’s a recording of them, and finding a music teacher shows that, regardless of the instrument, cooperation is always a major benefit. Check out the rest of the tips below to see how anyone can get better at playing the piccolo:

Infographic Design by Top 10 tips to playing the piccolo

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