3 Of The Best Sporting Days Out You Can Have In The UK!

We’re lucky to live in a country that’s a little bit sports-mad. Mostly, we think about football – everyone in the country is football crazy, and stadiums are packed every weekend. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other sporting days out that are just as fun, if not even more so. 

Throughout the year, there will always be countless opportunities to travel to a sporting event with your friends – or alone! So, here are three of the best sporting days out you can have in the UK:

Watch an international rugby match

For whatever reason, the approach to international matches is different in rugby, when compared to football. In football, domestic matches seem to be more popular amongst fans and deemed as more important. In rugby, it’s all about the international matches! At the start of each year, the 6 Nations tournament is played between England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy. If you want to enjoy an impressive atmosphere, head to any of the home games for any of the home nations. If you have to pick one, a trip to Cardiff to watch Wales play is definitely worthwhile. The atmosphere and passion in the stadium are crazy – if you’re not Welsh, pick a game where whichever international team you support is playing there instead!

Take in some T20 cricket

Granted, cricket is a sport that’s mainly played in England. Nevertheless, it runs almost all throughout the year in some format or another. As it shows on https://sportnews.in/Cricket, there are loads of different tournaments on all the time. Right now, domestic cricket in England isn’t on, but it will run again next year throughout the summer. The England team’s test matches are always worth watching, but your best bet for the best atmosphere is to enjoy a T20 match. The UK hosts the T20 Blast competition, which is where teams compete in a shortened format of the game. Each team has 20 overs to score as many runs as possible, leading to massive hits, loads of drama and plenty of action in the stands. It’s a real carnival feeling at a T20 match, so it’s well worthy of a day out. 

Go to the darts

You don’t think of darts as much of a sport, yet it’s very popular here in the UK. There are loads of arenas around the country that host darts events, and the atmosphere is electric. It’s basically like going on a very long night out, only with the drama of a live sporting event thrown in. This is one of those things that are perfect for a stag do – or just if you want to get some mates together to have a wild weekend. As luck would have it, the World Darts Championship is starting in December, so perhaps you could try to have a Christmas do there with your pals?

Naturally, there are so many great sporting days out that haven’t made this list. Seeing a tennis match at Wimbledon is always worth the money, or going to Silverstone to watch the F1 Grand Prix. There are loads of horse racing events around the UK too – we’re truly spoilt for choice!

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