4 Tips To Get Back Into Dating After A Long Break

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 50.4% of the adult population in England and Wales were married or in a civil partnership in 2019. Unfortunately, your union can end in divorce, breakups, the death of your life partner, among others, necessitating a return to the dating scene after an extended break. This comeback is often challenging for many, so it is best to find helpful tips to make your transition to the dating scene as smooth as possible. Please consider the following points if you are making a comeback to dating. 

  1. Rebuild your confidence

It isn’t uncommon to be low on confidence when coming back to the dating pool after a long break. Thankfully, there are countless ways to restore your confidence and boost your chances of finding new love. For instance, physical activity is one of the best ways to look after yourself when single, so you can work out often to look fit. Similarly, you can invest in new clothes, get a haircut, and challenge all your critical thoughts to build confidence when returning to the dating scene.

  1. Get closure from your previous relationship(s)

Many relationship experts agree that taking enough time to heal after losing a spouse, going through a divorce, or experiencing heartbreak is crucial to your return to the dating pool if your absence wasn’t a self-imposed hiatus. This way, you can get over your previous partner and enjoy a better relationship with your new one, improving your union’s chances of success. Closure may mean different things depending on your unique circumstances. For instance, you may need counselling to get over the loss of your ex before jumping into a new relationship. Also, you can arrange a family lawyer free consultation for collaborative law advice, ensuring that you sort out all settlement issues with your partner amicably before starting a new relationship.

  1. Give online dating a try

New research by popular dating platform eharmony and the Imperial College Business School estimates that by 2037, the majority of the babies born in the UK  will belong to parents who met online. As such, there is no denying how influential online dating is to modern love-seeking, so it won’t hurt to try finding love on a dating app or website. Besides, online dating may be the best fit for you if you are introverted or would rather not frequent pubs and other places many people go to find dates. However, the convenience and ease of online dating come at the cost of privacy and safety concerns, so it would be best to practice safe online dating.

  1. Put yourself out there

One of the best ways to meet potential love interests is mingling, so it is crucial to put yourself out there to find a new love interest. You can leverage your hobbies as a means to become more social and reconnect with your old self. For instance, you can participate in a book club or take painting classes where you are likely to encounter people who share your interests.

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