3 Tips for Using Your Travels to Re-Energise Your Life

Travel is one of those things that can add a huge amount of joy, satisfaction, and excitement to life – and for a lot of people, travel outings are the kinds of things that make up the highlight reel of the year.

Often, though, when people travel they are not just looking for a bit of fun and relaxation, but something a bit deeper, more energising, and more engaging.

So, if you’ve been feeling burned out recently in particular, how can you use your travels to re-energise your life?

Here are some tips and suggestions.

Challenge your preconceived limits and test your comfort zone while away from home

The concept of “learned helplessness” is a psychological term that was coined by the researcher Martin Seligman, when he discovered that both human beings and animals can end up adopting an attitude of fatalism and passivity in everyday life, if their hopes are thwarted often enough.

The thing about learned helplessness is that it is often more of an illusion than anything else. But once you’ve got a bunch of preconceptions about what your limits are, it can be difficult to break out of that frame and actually explore your full potential.

One great way to expand your sense of your own possibilities when travelling, is to go out of your way to step out of your comfort zone and try new things and make you a bit nervous.

That might mean scuba-diving, bungee jumping, or a variety of other things.

Put yourself in a situation that helps you to experience inspiration from a “resourceful state of mind”

The motivational speaker and life coach Tony Robbins has gone on record suggesting that people should only make important decisions when they are in a “resourceful state of mind.”

By this, he means that you should make important decisions in your life when you are feeling empowered, optimistic, and capable, rather than scared, limited, and despondent.

Travel can be a great opportunity for getting into a “resourceful state of mind,” in particular if you stay in a place like a luxury apartment in marbella that helps you feel on top of the world.

Try to experience that resourceful state of mind as much as you can when travelling, and take note of the inspiration you feel while on your trip.

Practice being present for the experiences you’re having, instead of getting caught up in your preconceptions

Mindfulness” is a bit of a buzzword these days, but it points towards some very real and important truths – particularly the fact that it’s necessary to be present and open to the moment, in order to actually fully engage with and enjoy the experiences you are having.

On your travels, practice being present for the experiences you are having, instead of getting too distracted, or allowing yourself to become too caught up in your preconceptions, least of all so much so that your experience ends are being shaped by them.

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