Things You Should Budget For With School Aged Children

If you have children in school you could benefit from forward-thinking about any costs that may happen because of it. Budgeting in this way means that you have the money you need for when you need it in their school life. You know that during their school life there are going to be costs, from books, bags, uniforms, and shoes, to school trips and learning an instrument the costs can quickly add up if you’re not careful. 

There are many small costs associated with the school that can easily creep up on you if you don’t budget for them. If you have school-age children, you should consider adding up the following types of expenses and save for them ahead of time: 

Gift For Teachers 

Teachers’ gifts are probably something that you never even thought about when your children started to attend school. We appreciate everything that our teachers do for us and therefore love the opportunity to show them that. Even if it’s a small card or small gift for our teachers around their birthday, holidays, or end of the school year you should think about budgeting for them. 

School Supplies

Every schoolchild will have an end-of-summer school supply list that they need to shop from and this can add up fast. Even more so if you are shopping for more than one child. Saving ahead of time, or buying throughout the school year can make this expense much more manageable. 


No one wants to be in the position where they can’t contribute to a fundraiser at the school or have their kids feel bad that they can’t help. Putting a little bit of money to one side helps this from feeling like a constant draw on your purse. 

School Trips 

When your children are in their first years, UK school trips won’t cost too much, however, as your children get older school trips can become fairly expensive. Especially when it comes to a few night accommodation. To combat this you could ask the school to provide a rough idea of when school trips may take place or put some money to one side from their first year so when it comes ot the larger trips the fund is there. 

School Pictures

You can work to a budget when you are purchasing school pictures for example purchasing the digital image and printing copies yourself can save you a tonne of money. However, if you want to stick to the tradition of having a pack of photos you are going to need ot budget for them. They happen every year so make sure you have the funds ready. 

Charity Events 

There are bound to be several of these every single year, and while they are for a good cause, they can be a pull on your wallet if you are struggling to budget. If you want your kids to be able to get involved in these make sure you have some money to one side, even if it’s just s change jar that can be raided. 

These are some of the small things you should think about budgeting for when you have school-aged children. Do you have any others that should be added to the list? Please share them in the comments below.

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