Why Travelling by Motorhome is a Must Do Experience

If you have the travelling bug but haven’t yet travelled by motorhome or campervan, you are missing out. Popularity in travelling by motorhome has skyrocketed in the past few years, and for some very good reasons. Getting on the open road in a motorhome allows you a great level of freedom. You get that road trip feel as you drive along the open road so you can enjoy all the scenery while having all your creature comforts around you. You can stop at a service station relax at home with a cup of tea from your favourite bag before continuing your journey. Here are a few reasons you need to get the motorhoming bug:

The Scenery

There is nothing quite like travelling a country or a continent such as Europe, by road. Instead of jetting off from one city to another and never really getting a feel for a place, travelling by motorhome forces you onto the road, and you will see some amazing sights. Get off the main road and go down those country roads too. You will learn about rural life in these countries simply by observing. You will experience life in the small towns and villages, and you will begin to understand what it means to live there. There is nothing like travelling through mountain ranges either, where you really get an idea of the enormous expanses these features cover and the beauty of the world around you. It’s not all about major cities. 


In many countries, there are Aires set up. There are great for motorhomers as they are generally free places to stay, or they cost very little, like €2. You can usually fill up with water and unload your cassettes too, which is a huge bonus. This makes travelling by motorhome quite a cheap experience if you are clever.


Many campsites also offer a reduced rate to motorhomes off-season if you are part of a motorhoming community such as ASCI, for example. This means you can get access to a pool and all the other amenities a campsite has to offer without the huge expense.


The great thing about getting a motorhome is that it means that you can carry all your essentials with you. You don’t have to worry about not having enough space for this and that. They have a lot of tie-down packaging spaces in wardrobes, cupboards, and drawers, so there is plenty of room for everything you need. Take a look at some of the Adria motorhomes for sale for a look inside one. They have fridges and freezers too. So, once you have arrived at the destination of your choosing, you can enjoy a cold beer, if you so wish.

Don’t forget the Freedom

There is nothing like the freedom a motorhome gives you. You do not have to worry about booking into a hotel, not when so many free Aires are dotted about. You can simply get in and drive and go wherever you will takes you. Although it is wise to take a satnav, so you can find an Aire when you need to.

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