3 Career Ideas For Fitness Fanatics

Do you consider yourself a fitness fanatic? Maybe you spend every single day thinking about the gym and when you can exercise. Perhaps a healthy diet is right at the forefront of your mind at all times. In any case, you may be sick and tired of your current career, hoping for a switch to something more in line with your passions. If fitness is your passion, these three career ideas could be right up your street:

Personal Trainer

An obvious place to start, a personal trainer is someone who trains a range of clients across many different platforms. This can be face-to-face, but it can also be online, via an app; you name it. If you enjoy working out and training, this seems like an obvious career path to go down. Especially if your days literally revolve around going to the gym or getting fit. Instead of trying to fit fitness into your life, you can make it the main focus of your career. There are loads of courses you can find online to become qualified as a personal trainer. Technically, you don’t need the qualifications, but they will certainly help you find clients – and you do need them if you want to get a job in a gym. 

Health Coach

A health coach is someone that works with many people to help them make long-term positive health changes. A lot of people wonder; what is a health coach? And that pretty much sums things up. They’re a qualified individual that can give health advice, ranging from nutrition tips to lifestyle advice. It’s a great career move for people who want to help others improve their lives and become healthier versions of themselves. It’s not as hands-on as a personal trainer, but the advice you give is just as important. If you’re passionate about health & fitness, this could be a fantastic career option to consider. 


If a personal trainer mainly deals with exercise prescription, and a health coach is all about healthy life choices, what does a nutritionist do? In essence, the focus is firmly on nutrition and dietary choices. You will work with clients that have a range of issues and needs, helping to create the perfect nutrition plans for them. This can mean designing meal plans for weight loss, helping people who are deficient in certain nutrients – the possibilities are endless. Clearly, if you’re passionate about the nutrition side of fitness, this is the role for you. 

The beauty of these careers is that there are so many ways you can approach them. Each one can be done on a self-employed basis, or you can be employed by an organisation. Often, these roles are present in sports teams as well, so you could end up working with some of your favourite sports stars! If you are passionate about fitness & health, then it only makes sense to pursue a career in the industry. These three ideas should light the fire inside you, so go out and do more research today!

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