How To Get Your UK Driver’s License As A Student

The UK has many top tertiary institutions, making it an excellent destination for further studies. As such, the cities of the UK are densely populated with students from all over the world. With the density of the population comes the increased pressure on public transportation. This has caused an increase in student driver’s license application. This requires you to pass some tests before being granted your license. This article will provide information on everything you should know when applying for a student driver’s license.

Accepted drivers licenses

Because students come from all over the world, exceptions are made for some from other countries with driver’s licenses. These countries include Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Andorra, Barbados, Faroe Islands, Australia, South Africa, Falkland Islands, Switzerland, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, and the British Virgin Islands. Students from these countries who have valid driving licenses are eligible to drive. Regardless of whether you have a valid license or not, after six months of being a resident in the UK, you can apply to be granted a provisional driver’s license.

Legal requirements

To meet the standards for attaining a valid driver’s license in the UK, you will need to be above 17 years. Your eyesight must be good enough to see a license plate from at least 20 meters. You will also need to prove your residency in the UK for at least six months in the past twelve months. If you meet these legal requirements, you can apply online via the DVLA website and follow the instructions. You will need to provide a basic ID and contact information, a list of all your addresses for the past three years and a National Insurance number (Optional).

Once you are done filling these out, you will need to physically visit the DVLA office with your identification documents unless you have a British passport. You will also need to carry a picture of yourself in a passport format and a return envelope. The application should cost you just £34.

Offline application

If for any reason, you are unable to apply for the driver’s license online, you can do it through the post option. You will need to visit particular branches of the post office and fill out a D1 form, and then post it to their address in addition to all the documents stated earlier. You will also need to add a postal order for £43 or a cheque for the same amount. If all your documents are valid, you should receive your provisional student driver’s license in three weeks. Your documents will be sent back to you separately in another three weeks. Even before you receive your provisional license, you should begin to prepare for the practical and theory tests you will have to take.

Preparing for the theory test

This test aims to identify your depth of knowledge of three books; Driving – The Essential Skills, The Highway Code, and Know Your Traffic Signs. You can easily find these books online or in any local bookstore. You can also use some websites to make your driving theory revision easier. When you are confident of taking the exam, you will have to book a session, which costs £23, on the DVLA website and input your provisional license details. A representative will contact you with information on the following steps to take.

Preparing for the practical test

For this, you can either practice with a friend or relative or a driving instructor. Both have their peculiarities. If you decide to practice with a driving instructor, you will need someone certified by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), and you can head onto the motorway. If you choose to practice without a driving instructor, your companion must be above 21 years, with a valid license for the vehicle you are practising with and a driving license from the European Economic Area, which has been valid for more than three years.

The driving test

To do this, you have to head back to the DVLA website and input your information and your driving instructor. Now choose the time and venue for the test. You will need to pay £62 to finalise the booking. An agent will contact you concerning the details for your driving test. Do not forget to carry along your provisional license on the day of the test.

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