Why You Shouldn’t Invest In Bitcoin To Boost Your Travel Fund

When this is all over, you’re going to have the adventure of a lifetime. It will be even sweeter knowing that you’ve spent the last year mainly stuck indoors while the world has been locked down. Until then, all you can do is sit and wait for the borders to reopen, which appears to be happening, even if it is quite slow.

Of course, you need to save money to facilitate your travel plans. However, interest rates have plummeted, so saving isn’t a smart idea. Instead, you should invest because investment portfolios provide healthier returns, giving you a bigger budget to rely on when you finally make it to Glasgow or the Ganges.

Cryptocurrencies are appealing as they are very profitable. But, for travellers, there is one main reason to steer clear – the societal impact. People will tell you that they are volatile and hard to understand, which is true, yet the main cause for concern is the effects they have on the planet. Take Bitcoin as an example. Did you know that Bitcoin creation resulted in 20 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in 2018? Most people aren’t aware of this stat.

Sadly, it’s only one of a number that points to the unsustainability factor regarding Bitcoin. For travellers who want to enjoy what the globe has to offer, ensuring its protection is paramount, something cryptocurrency investment threatens. For more info on how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are damaging the environment, please check out the incredible infographic underneath that outlines the side-effects clearly and concisely.

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