Thinking of getting a tattoo? Here’s what you need to know

It’s rather common nowadays to see people with a tattoo, or in fact, several tattoos. In previous years, they started out as religious symbols and markers but then became popular with those who worked on ships or went to war. However, now, they are used by almost anyone as a form of art and a way to express themselves. No longer are they just about meaning, they’re designed to be aesthetically pleasing and fashionable. However, with trends and fashions constantly changing, is it wise to get a tattoo that may not be popular in a few years? Of course, you could always cover it, but then that means getting a bigger tattoo, or you could visit a site like to discover more about tattoo removal. Tattoo removal is
actually quite popular, especially with those who may have had a bad first tattoo or perhaps silly tattoos. So how do you make sure you choose the right tattoo for you? Read on to find out.

Start off small

When you get your first tattoo, you have no idea of the pain you may experience. For some, it’s more uncomfortable than painful, but for others, the pain is excruciating. That’s why, it’s best to get a small tattoo as your first tattoo so that you can get a feel for the pain and if it’s something you can tolerate. It wouldn’t be ideal for you to get a huge tattoo and only be able to finish a third because the pain is too intense. Plus, it’s always great to start off small so that if you don’t like it, it can be easily covered or better yet, removed. Your tastes may change over time so the smaller the tattoo, the easier it is to have it removed.

Choose the right artist

It’s true, there’s always the right artist for the job. Many artists have different specialities and talents so if you’re looking for something specific, seek out the best person for the job. Some tattoo artists like to focus on black and white tattoos, focusing on shading and shadows. Others may have focus on doing portrait tattoos or others may like to only do coloured tattoos. Of course, there are artists who can do a whole range of tattoo designs, but if you want something specific, it’s often the best option to find the most talented person. As a side note, always make sure your tattoo artist has the right credentials too! There are a lot of people out there who suffer from preventable infections and bad tattoos if they had just checked their artist was legit.


You must think carefully about where you’re wanting a tattoo. Certain areas of the body will hurt more when getting a tattoo, but you also want to consider the visibility of a tattoo as well. If you’re wanting something on your wrist or forearm, you must realise that it will be visible a lot of the time.

This may disrupt your job, or it may just become a nuisance over time. It’s common for people to fall out of love with tattoos so it can be frustrating having to look at a tattoo every day that you don’t really like. Opt for somewhere concealed for your first tattoo so that you know if you really like it or not. If yes, you can grow your collection knowing you’re happy with it.


Tattoo aftercare is essential if you want to keep your tattoo looking pretty. Regular cleaning and SPF are musts! You need to keep the area clean to avoid any infections and use SPF to protect the skin from any UV rays. The skin has just been broken so need its all the protection you can get. Avoid any sunbeds, swimming pools or anything else that could cause harm to your new tat. If you do notice any signs of infection, head to your local doctor as soon as possible for antibiotics.

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