5 Upgrades To Improve Your Old Car

If you want better performance form your care but aren’t able to fork out the cash for a car with better specs then you may want to look at different upgrades you can make to your current car. You are able to achieve higher speeds, efficiency, and acceleration for a fraction of the cost of a new car. Upgrades can be anything from a small tweak through to following a guide such as 350z mods for a tailored guide for your car. 

Some of the upgrades you could consider include: 

Better Tyres 

This may be one of the most obvious and common upgrades, better quality tyres. Adding performance and power is one thing, but it won’t translate to the road if your tyres aren’t quality. You also want them to be able to perform in all weather, depending on the weather in your area, you should make sure you get the tyres that are suitable and provide you with the best traction and control. 

Your Brakes 

You could argue that is the most important performance element. Higher quality brakes mean you can wait longer to engage them. If you are racing in a competition this can mean you are able to maintain a higher rate of speed longer than your competitors do. Whether you are replacing the entire system or just the brake pads, it will likely be worth your time. 

Modifying The Exhaust System

Often people think that an upgrade the exhaust system is all about the level of the noise. However, as well as providing your exhaust with a nicer note when you accelerate it can also provide you with an improvement in power. If you install a brand new stainless steel exhaust on an older car, it can make a huge difference. This is because exhausts can get clogged up over time leading to the performance dropping. If you opt for a performance exhaust then you may see an increase in power as a performance exhaust will often be wider in diameter. This enables more air gases to escape, and thus, increases the power output. 

Upgrade Your Spark Plugs

You may find that standard spark plugs can have trouble firing, this leads to the speed and reliability of the car decreasing. This means that upgrading your spark plugs can enhance your car’s performance. With som new high-performance spark plugs, you will find that misfires occur less frequently. This also reduces the emissions that the car gives off an, in turn, increases the fuel efficiency.

Add A Turbocharger 

A turbocharger enables a car to burn more fuel every second. This is why a turbocharged car is able to produce more power. Turbos are also more efficient than superchargers and are able to provide a significant increase in horsepower. On top of that, a turbocharger can improve fuel economy by 20-40%.

Have you upgraded your car recently? It would be great to hear what you have done to improve the performance! Please share some of your changes in the comments section below.

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