5 Simple Maintenance Tricks for Your Car

There are lots of good reasons to keep your car in optimal performance always. Firstly, it is essential for your safety when driving because it lowers the risk of accidents. Secondly, it reduces costs since it reduces the risk of mechanical problems.

Day-to-day car maintenance doesn’t require a mechanic. Here are five car maintenance practices that you can do yourself to keep your car in top shape.

1.      Keep It Clean

It is embarrassing and unappealing to be driving a dirty car. Dirt also poses the risk of causing mechanical damages to your automobile. For example, dirt particles can get into the engine and cause substantial damage to the delicate mechanical components.  Moreover, dirt in the interior can stain and corrode the upholstery and delicate electronic components.

As such, it is advisable to wash your car regularly. Ensure that you clean everywhere, including under the wheels and other hard-to-reach places. Use detergent that will not corrode the metallic parts or cause unwanted damages. It is important to keep yourself clean too, so invest in some disposable safety gloves like Unigloves, to ensure you aren’t spreading dirt.

2.      Check the Fluids

Fluids are essential for lubricating some of your car’s mechanical parts, enabling a smooth driving experience. For example, engine oil lubricates the engine for a smooth ride, while brake fluids keep the brakes functional. Therefore, it is advisable to check your car’s fluids regularly and either change or refill them, depending on their state.

Check and refill the engine oil regularly when it dips below the recommended levels. In addition to that, check for staining and change the oil to avoid damaging the engine. Other fluids to check include those servicing the steering, transmission, and brakes.

3.      Check the Tyres

Tires are the enabling component in your car, as they are necessary for motion. Tires also determine your overall driving experience and safety on the road. It is, therefore, necessary to always keep your tires in optimal shape.

You can make it a habit to check your tires regularly – preferably every morning before leaving your garage. Check to see that the threading is still present for proper traction on the road. Additionally, check the tires’ pressure to ensure that it is within the recommended range-as pressure affects the car’s fuel consumption and your overall driving experience.

Furthermore, use good-quality tires that are durable-source such tires from reputable dealers, such as Maxxis Tyres.

4.      Clean or Change the Air Filter

The air filter is one of the protective features of your car. It traps small dirt particles, keeping them from entering and damaging the delicate engine. However, it eventually becomes clogged, reducing its efficacy and increasing the risk of damaging the engine. Therefore, it is essential to check the air filter regularly and either clean or replace it.

5.      Schedule Regular Mechanic  

Some of your car’s complex parts are beyond your skill-set, and it is advisable to leave their maintenance to professionals. Scheduling regular inspections for your automobile with a local mechanic will elongate your car function. The ideal inspection frequency is at least once per month. Additionally, take the car in for immediate inspections and repairs whenever it develops mechanical problems.

Final Thoughts

Car maintenance will help reduce the risks of mechanical complications and road accidents. Consider these tricks and schedule regular inspections with a professional, and save your car and money. 

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