Making A Fitness Routine Work For You

How do you feel about your current fitness routine? Maybe you think you should be doing more, maybe you’re happy with how you’ve structured your life. However, if you’re in the former camp, there’s a good chance you’ve picked up many fitness routines and diet fads before now and they’ve all failed. And because of this, you’re in a bit of a fitness spiral… 

The way we feel about ourselves, and the confidence we outwardly present, often has a lot to do with the shape we’re in. When we like the way we look, we can feel a lot more secure in ourselves, both physically and mentally, and that’s something a lot of people will aim for throughout their lifetimes. 

However, getting to a stage like this requires a lot of work, both physically and mentally as well. You need to get in touch with yourself, as well as live the kind of lifestyle you really need, and you need to be doing it all for the right reasons for it to really stick. Namely, you need to eat right, sleep right, exercise right, talk to yourself right, and make sure you’re happy with the shape you’re in, never mind what anyone else thinks or says to you!

And this all goes to show that sticking to a healthy lifestyle, or a fitness routine, can be very tricky when you’re not in the right headspace, or when you don’t have the right idea about what you’re aiming for. You need the fitness routine you’re looking to use to work for you, and not the other way around – how can you be sure your fitness goals are meeting you in the middle here? Well, with the points below, we hope to help you find the right path. 

Work Out What You’re Trying to Do

The first thing to do is work out why you’re looking into starting a fitness routine. What are you trying to achieve? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to put on muscle? Do you want to tone up and make those abs shine a little more? Do you want to build stamina, and be able to complete a marathon in the near future? 

Questions like these really matter, because once you’ve worked out what your motivation is, you’ll have a much better chance of sticking to your routine when it’s in full swing. Without a driving force behind your plans, it’ll be hard to commit when you really need to, and most of all, you’ll have nothing to work towards, so who knows when you’ll actually succeed?! 

However, it can be hard to come up with a goal on the fly, so you need to do a bit of thinking here. If you’ve got nothing coming up, such as a sporting event or a wedding photograph you really want to look good in, how do you pull a goal out of thin air? Well, if you’re thinking about a fitness routine right now, it means there’s something inside you that wants to get into a different or better shape. 

So, think about the kind of person you’d like to be, or the kind of person you wanted to be when you were younger – going down these lines of thought should bring you to the answer! And once you’ve come up with a goal, be sure to write it down somewhere, so you can always refer back to it when you need to remind yourself why you’re putting yourself through those burpees circuits. 

Then think about time restraints

Following on from the point above, you might have a busy schedule, and there’s nothing wrong with that! You just need a fitness routine that fits into the gaps you have, including occasionally working out during your breaks at work. In truth, all you really need is 30 minutes two times a week, and a bit of space around you, and you can accomplish a good workout. 

Work Out What You Need to Eat

Then we come to the diet section of your new fitness routine. For a lot of people, this is the most difficult part of sticking to a workout plan, and trying to live a bit healthier, simply because our bodies can get cravings for the typically ‘unhealthy’ foods that we’re trying to cut out. Not to mention just how difficult it can be to stick to a diet when eating out with friends, or getting a takeaway with the family!

So you need to put some work into the diet plan ahead of time. You need to factor in what you’re trying to achieve via your fitness routine – for someone trying to put on more muscle, you’d need to eat protein rich foods, and for someone trying to shed a few pounds, it would be about cutting out carbs, etc. 

And that’s why you need to think about this ahead of time; meal plans need to feature food you look forward to, and that takes forward thinking – indeed, even if you’re someone who doesn’t really like eggs, taking something like sarms with meals could fill the gap here, so you need time to stock up. 

But the work doesn’t stop there, as you need to be sure you’re still eating a balanced diet that gets you all of the food groups you need. Most of all, you don’t want your new diet to make you feel miserable. When you feel miserable even after eating, you know something is going wrong! If you like junk food, or you like your carbs, and you couldn’t even consider giving up on them entirely (or you know you’d go straight back to them as soon as you got the chance to), remember that it’s all about cutting back, rather than cutting out. More vegetables on your plate now, some on your plate for lunch, and then you can have that one friend chicken sandwich and fries for dinner that you’ve been wanting all day. 

Don’t Try Something Too Complicated

If a fitness routine is going to work for you, it needs to be something you can both understand, and be sure that it speaks to your current level of fitness. And that’s why you should never try something too complicated – keep it simple, at all times, and work your way up! 

When a fitness routine is simple, it means it’s easy to follow, and when something is easy to follow, it’s easy to stick to. It’s much easier to make a habit out of it, and it’s much easier to get your body to accept the new status quo. So take your fitness goal, find out which parts or components of the body you need to target as a result, and tackle them on and off, day by day. 

Don’t Beat Yourself Up For Missing Something

And finally, you’re going to have bad days, and you’re going to have days when you break your diet or don’t do enough reps down at the gym. In moments like these, you need to give yourself a break, and be sure not to beat yourself up for ‘missing out’. 

The majority of the work of a fitness routine occurs in your head, because the brain is behind it all, and getting through the mental workout is just as important as getting through the squats and bicep curls you’re currently doing! 

After all, you’re still committed to what you’re doing, and you’re still following your fitness routines, and it’s only natural to have days that are hard and/or leave you feeling like you haven’t done enough. And when a situation like this comes around, and it will, get your feelings about it out. Don’t let them bottle up – if you do, days like this will become more commonplace, and you’ll soon lose focus on what you are achieving. 

Making a fitness routine work for you is all about doing what you can when you can, sticking to the rules as much as you can, and acknowledging that mistakes happen. And when you do, not giving up at the first hurdle is incredibly important. You need to keep going, you need to think about ‘what went wrong’ the day before, and learn from the situation. 

What to Remember: 

A fitness routine needs to be made up of quite a few factors if you’re going to find any kind of success with it. So, the next time you’re trying to put together a diet plan or a workout schedule, be sure to think to yourself, ‘Do I have a real, attainable fitness goal, and am I doing this for the right reasons?’ 

Of course, don’t ever beat yourself down for trying something healthy out – experimentation leads to discovery! But only when you can be sure that you’re aiming for something your body is capable of, and you know you’ve got a plan that you can work with, will you get what you want out of your new lifestyle. 

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