Buying Gifts For Older Children? Problem Solved

Some will agree that the younger the child is, the easier it is to develop a Christmas list that gets sent off to Santa, right? There just seems to be an ample amount of choice, the presents are a little better on the old wallet in regards to cost, and they just seem to look bigger, making those piles look humongous on the big day. However, as your child gets a little older, the age just before teenage years and even as a teenager, they can suddenly become difficult to buy for. But, it doesn’t have to be difficult. With that in mind, here are some of the things you could consider for your tweens and teens this year, hopefully providing you with some inspiration for the big day. 

A bike with a difference

It’s hard to determine whether or not your child would want a bike or not. It certainly can be a well sought after gift as your child gets confident from age five or six, so why might a ten year old or beyond want a bike. Of course, a standard push bike could be the ideal present of choice. Children today ride to school, or enjoy going out for rides on a weekend. But you could also think about a dirt bike. Some electronics, some have amazing suspension, but you could also have a very happy child for it. Biking is also a great way to encourage your older child to exercise, and in today’s day and age where a lot of time is spent on a tablet or gaming, this could be a great way to ensure they get outside a little as well. 

A trip to a sports event

Right now things are a little different, but that doesn’t mean to say that spectating a sporting event isn’t going to be possible in the future. So maybe buying tickets to see their favourite sports personality or team perform could be a really different type of gift to get. Maybe seeing the fa cup holders try and regain their title or enjoy a tennis match, whatever floats their boat. The benefit of tickets is you get the excitement of receiving them on Christmas day, and then the excitement of looking forward to the future event. 

A watch

Now would be the ideal time to share a gift that is completely useful, and a child of age ten and beyond may not want to look and feel more adult like. This is when a watch could be a great present for your child. You could buy a smartwatch, where their steps are tracked and even has a built in GPS. This sort of gadget could again encourage them to be more active, as working out with a smartwatch helps improve motivation when it comes exercise, meaning they can beat personal bests or compete with friends. Or you could consider a standard watch, a sports like watch, or something that might be waterproof or durable. Whatever you choose, a watch could be a really great gift that gets a lot of use. 

Some new technology

Many tweens and teens love a bit of technology, so this could be the perfect gift for them this year. Maybe a new phone, or a tablet, or perhaps even a camera or a drone. Technology might be an expensive purchase, but it tends to be something that they can get the most use out of. So it can be a rewarding gift in the long term. 

Let’s hope this has offered some inspiration for older children this Christmas. 

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