Top Tips For A Well-Organised And Maintained Wardrobe

Stepping into your wardrobe when your a man can sometimes feel a little like you’re entering a warzone. There’s often piles of dirty laundry left until the last minute, clean clothes in piles ready to be hung (but often worn from the pile), and any organisation is purely left to the imagination. However, you may be surprised to know that some men have their wardrobes under lock and key and in perfect running order, so, you can too!

No more ties hanging from shoe boxes, belts littering the floor, or several shirts crammed onto one hanger. It’s time for a change. You spend a good amount of money on your clothes, so they deserve to be treated with a little respect.

Have a look at the de-cluttering tips below in order to rearrange your wardrobe, get it lasting longer, and work towards simplifying each time you get ready: 

Sort Through Your Clothes And Accessories 

Before you can really start to get into organizing, you need to know exactly what you have and haven’t got. To do this, you need to sort through all of your clothes and accessories. Yes, this means completely emptying your wardrobe an starting to fill it again from scratch. At this point, it’s a good idea to make sure you actually have enough storage too. Add in some extra shelves, decide if you need additional drawers, and stock up on plenty of hangers.

Make sure you et yourself a day or some time spread across a few days to do this as you ideally need to take your time. You will need to try things on, and make choices as to whether you are ever going to use certain items again. As a rule of thumb if you haven’t worn something within the last year then donate it. It’s taking up space in your wardrobe and it’s likely you won’t wear it again. The same goes for clothes that don’t fit. Whether they are too big or too small, you shouldn’t keep them. Chances are that if you lose or gain weight then fashions will have changed and you will want to buy something new anyway. 

With accessories, you can go straight and donate them if you haven’t used them in a year. The only rule of exception with this is if you have holiday items but have to take a year’s break away from holidaying because you are saving etc. 

String through your wardrobe like this also enables you to see what you may need ot update or replace. For example, you may decide that you need a new pair of glasses from or a new pair of boots because your others have seen better days. 

Organize With Category And Colour

Try to hang your casual clothes and work clothes separately in your closet. You ideally should leave a decent amount of space between the two sections so they can be clearly seen. You want to be able to see where your gym clothes are, where your smart wear is, and have your coats within easy reach. If you don’t have much space you can easily divide your clothes using markers or by using a dry cleaning bag in between each different section.

Once you have done this, you could take it one step further and organize it by color too. If you color coordinates your hanging garments it will make selecting outfits quick and simple. Groping all your white shirts together, blue, and green, etc will make it smooth as you get ready for work or an evening out. 

Move Empty Hangers To The Front 

Each time you empty a hanger make it a rule to move it to the front of your wardrobe. Don’t delay and leave it jumbled in with all your clothes. Not only will it be easier to find a hanger when you need it, but your wardrobe will feel neater, less busy, and less cramped. Not to mention the fact that it will help to eliminate the risk of piles of clothes been left on the floor or chair in the corner of your room. 

A great way to make your closet look and feel more organized is to make sure all your hangers are the same. Too many of us have mismatched hangers that we have taken home from the various stores we have shopped in. This can make your wardrobe look really clutter and messy. The best thing you can do is consolidate them all to the same type of hanger. This way you won’t get distracted by the mess and will immediately be able to focus on your clothing instead. 

Professional cleaning services

There’s no point having the wardrobe of your dreams if you aren’t going to keep your products clean and well looked after. It might be worth investing in some professional cleaning services every now and then, especially those ones who pick up and drop off for you, such as Dirty Boy Laundry. Some of your clothes can look brand new for longer if well looked after.

Look After Your Belts And Neckties

Whether it’s a door, a rack you hang in your wardrobe, or a  wall-mounted accessory rack. Having a rack that is specifically for your neckties and belts will ensure you are not only staying neat and tidy, but it will also make that they are kept in better shape and condition. If they are stuffed in a drawer or rolled they tend to get out of shape and some even start to crack when been worn. 

Use Plenty Of Hooks

You can use hooks everywhere in your wardrobe for added storage capacity. Install then on the empty closet wall or at the back so you can hand scarves or hats, or other miscellaneous items. They are a great way of added some secret but needed storage space and it keeps them from been on the floor or shoved in a drawer. 

Change Your Clothes Bag

If you want to tackle the pile of forever growing dirty washing, change your clothes bag to one that is a little more organized. Make sure it has three slots, one for light clothes, one for dark, and one which is for delicates or dry clean only. It will help to keep your washing from the floor as well as make it easier to throw a load in the washer without having to sort through them. 

These tips should help you to get your wardrobe organized and in great condition. Is there anything that you do to make sure your wardrobe is organized? Please share some ideas in the comments below. 

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