What is the perfect car detailing process?

Car detailing is a cleaning process taken to restore the condition of a car, so it looks like new. Using car detailing products to help remove as much dirt and grime from your car as possible. You can also remove swirl marks and light scratches by detailing. 

If you are looking to sell your car, then detailing your car before you take it to the dealership will help make your car stand out and be worth more money. Or you may have just purchased a second-hand Ford, it’s also worth detailing. In an ideal world, you would give your car a complete detail a few times a year to remove the dirt from the contaminated paintwork.

What is the perfect car detailing process?


Always wash your wheels first… a rookie error most people make when washing their car! Your wheels are probably the dirtiest part of your car as they get covered in brake dust as well as general dirt and grime. Use a good wheel cleaner and a brush to get the more difficult areas. 


Pre-clean your vehicle with a pre-cleaner product that will help break down tough dirt and grime that won’t come off with a bucket and sponge wash. Simply spray over your car and leave for the recommended time frame and allow the chemicals to work its magic. 


Still not touching a bucket and sponge yet, cover your car in a snow foam. The snow foam softens and lifts off ground in dirt. Once you have finished these steps your car will look like new but trust me, it’s still dirty. Snow foam works with a pressure washer so can only complete this step if you have one available to use.

Contact Wash

This is the first time you will be hands on with your car. Simply use a good car shampoo and wash your car with your sponge. Most of the dirt would have been loosened so you will just be washing it off the paint.


The next stage is to spray decontaminate over your wheels and paintwork. This will dissolve the fall out/ dirt fused to your body work and alloys that the pre-wash and contact wash could not remove. Once the product has had time to work, simply rinse then wash and rinse your car again. This is important that this product is completely removed from your car. 


It is important to dry your vehicle to remove any excess water before you are able to polish and seal your car. Using a drying towel, dry your car from top to bottom. Also reducing water marks on your vehicle. 


If you have the time and resources, then a machine polish will remove scratches and swirl marks from your paintwork making it look like new. If not, using an all-in-one polish will do just the trick. 

Tyre dressing

Want the wet tyre look? Then apply a tyre dressing that will make your tyres look like new.


Cleaning the glass of your car is something that people always forget to do. Remove light scratches and fingerprints from your windscreen.

Follow these car detailing steps to restore the condition of your car and make it look brand new again! You will not be disappointed. The time spent cleaning your car will definitely be worth it. 

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