10 things to do when you’re bored and broke

Being bored and broke is probably one of the worst combinations in the world. However, we’ve all been there, and it isn’t the end of the world. The critical thing to do is not to dwell on it, however. When you’re bored and broke you’ll be miserable thinking that you can’t do anything about it when you can…


Make Some Money

Start by changing the fact that you’re broke and make some money. There are loads of ways to make money online; you could do some quick surveys online, do some mystery shopping or small tasks on sites like task rabbit. You might not get a lot, but it could buy you a drink with your mates and will keep you occupied for a bit and solve both the boredom and then cash flow problem. 

Take a car for a test drive

You’ve seen the new Suzuki cars at Dicksons, go and have a go. Don’t be silly about it with your mate, but go for a beautiful drive and try out a new car. 

Visit a museum

Museums are usually free, and you’ll probably find out things you never knew. Ever been to any museums near to where you live? People take things on their doorstep for granted meaning that you never visit them and someone from out of town knows more about the history of where you live than you do. Get to know your area and take advantage of what’s out there for free.

Play games

Get the board games out. When was the last time you played a decent game of Monopoly, or if you need a laugh, then Cards Against Humanity is always guaranteed a laugh. 

Work out 

It’s free to go and jog around the park, and you’ll feel great afterwards. Or grab some mates together and do more of a full work out, compete against each other and then you can finish off with a team sport in the park. 

Have a Netflix binge

If you’ve already paid your Netflix subscription, then a binge is free. Or if you’re that bored and feel you’ve watched everything, get out your old DVD box sets and watch something you’ve not seen for years. How good was that first season of 24? Or what about the Lord Of the Rings trilogy? It’s a sure way to pass the time.

Play old computer games

While you’re digging out old DVDs, what about old computer consoles and games? Reminisce the good old days and see if you still know what to do. 

Go for a bike ride

When was the last time you took your bike out? Go and find new routes and explore, plus it’ll make you feel good too.


Is there a book you’ve been saying for ages that you’re going to read? Well now’s the time, start it, you might even finish it.

Learn something new

Either get YouTube open and ignore the cat videos, but learn how to do something instead. There are so many online tutorials, and they can be motivating. Or watch a TED talk and get inspired and motivated that way.

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