Make Your Money Work For You! 3 Ways to Earn Passive Income

Everyone wants to be able to freely afford all the things that they desire. You also want to avoid living from paycheck to paycheck as this hinders you from financial stability. Although you have a job; working a nine-to-five may not always cut it. Here’s where side hustles come in.

Depending on who you ask, creating a business is always the number one way to make it big. You become your own boss and will be able to fully handle your own income and expenses.


However, the hard truth is not all businesses are destined to succeed. It takes perseverance and the right knowledge to become successful. Then there’s passive income you let other people or businesses moving your money around for you. It basically means that the money you invest will continue to grow, even if you are sleeping, on vacation, or busy on your day job. Here are 3 passive income streams you can try today.


UITF or Unit Investment Trust Fund is a pool of money that the bank uses to invest in different financial instruments to which the fund will grow interest. The interest depends on how long you wish to invest your cash. Depending on how much risk you’re willing to take, you may opt for a low risk but sure gains or a high risk and high gains fund. Remember that the market can change at any moment, so it’s best to consult a professional when managing your trust fund.

A rule of thumb is if you want to invest the money in a couple of years, you may invest with the low-risk profile. If you want to invest up until maybe retirement, you may want to use the high-risk profile since all banks want their business to succeed and in this case, make more money.

Stock Market

Stocks are parts of a company that you can actually buy. Instead of having a bank manager take care of your investment, you’re the one calling the shots when it comes to the companies you invest in. The stock market is more volatile than UITF because all the stocks are dictated by the market. There are low-risk and high-risk stocks as well.

High-risks are mostly for day traders who studied profusely on how to predict the movement of the stock market. For average Joes such as you, it would be wiser to stick with the low-risk or blue chips, which may have low interest, but at least a favorable return is guaranteed.

Real Estate

Buying properties and renting them out has always been a great way to earn passive income. The trick here is buying foreclosed or pre-selling condominiums around Pasig which are cheaper to invest in, rather than those that are already built.

Real estate appreciates over time. And you can charge a high price if you decide to sell it or rent it out, as the property located in the metro. This is a great source of monthly income. Just remember to periodically maintain the condo or house to keep its good condition.

Earning money shouldn’t be only limited to your day job. Learning to invest in passive income may be the answer you are looking for to be able to freely afford anything of your heart’s desire. With stocks, UTIF, and real estate investments, you’ll be on your way to financial independence.

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