Do You Need To Replace Your Car This Year? How You Can Do It

When it comes to needing a car, many of us have to have one for our commute to work. We have no option for public transport, or perhaps your car forms part of your job where you travel about to see customers and clients. Maybe it is the means to an end for your family, or your car is just at the stage where it is costing to be fixed rather than being reliable. Whatever your reasons are, many people will have the goal of replacing or buying a car this year. But how can you do it without overspending? Here are some of the things to think about.


Decide what are the priorities and what are luxuries

One of the first things to do would be to decide what you want and need from the car. This might be things such as large boot area, extra seats in the back or generally needing a vehicle that is more economical for periods of driving. Luxuries may include things like leather seats ets. It might be worth jotting down the things you can’t not have when it comes to the new car, and the options that you could compromise on for the right vehicle. This gives you a clear indication of what might be suitable and the models you need to be looking at. 

Trade in your old model

Have you got a vehicle right now? Then it may be time to think about trading it in and using some of the value towards your next purchase. If you are considering doing this then you may want to get your car looking in good shape. A decent valet, perhaps investing to get rid of some dents and scratches, and even getting mechanical problems fixed could be a great way to help increase the value of your car and maximise the money that you have to spend. Many dealerships where you are buying the car from will give you a valuation, but don’t forget to compare that just selling it on individually or even through a private sale. 

Shop around

You also need to do your research when it comes to where to buy the car from. Knowing a value on your car is one thing, but once you know what car you want, you can then look at shopping around at different places to find the best deal. A look online at websites such as or visiting your local garages and dealerships could be a great way to get some offers, so that you can compare and work out what the best deals are. 

Work out if it is a monthly or overall budget you have

Finally, before making any decision, try and work out what your budget is. If you are looking at a finance option then there is no point in looking at a total cost, instead you need to decide what is affordable monthly. If you have a lump sum ready to use then knowing what the value of your car is towards it will help determine your overall budget to pay for the car. 

Let’s hope these tips help you if you need to replace your car this year.

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