Stress Busting Tips

Stress can creep up on you. Over time bad habits and running yourself ragged takes its toll on your body and mind. It happens to everyone. Life keeps on pushing forward, and some days are worse than others. Being overloaded with stress from work, family, friends, etc. can make you ill eventually. So, it is crucial to take some time out and relax. Putting too much pressure on yourself all the time is not a good idea. You may feel you want to help everyone out, but the one person you should be helping out is you. There are many ways to reduce stress and give you a better quality of life. We have compiled a list below:


Avoid stimulants and depressants

If you drink a lot of coffee, or smoke cigarettes, both of which are stimulants, your levels of stress will be increased. Also, drinking alcohol in small doses acts as a stimulant, though it is actually a depressant when you consume more of it, either way, it is not good for you. They also interrupt your sleeping patterns which add to the levels stress your body will feel. Try to stop smoking, and reduce the amount of coffee and alcohol you drink. Perhaps you could drink water or herbal tea in place of coffee.


Exercise is a natural mood enhancer. It floods the body with endorphins which are feel-good chemicals. In addition, exercise is a way to reduce the amount of stress hormones in your body. Stress hormones include adrenaline and cortisol. By exercising you are actually working these hormones out of your body so you will feel better in the long run, not just the short. It also has the effect of making you more confident. Over time, your body will change and tone up. You will simply be able to cope with more stressful situations better.

Ask for help

Are you one for trying to take on everything yourself without asking for any help? They say pride comes before a fall, and it is true. If you are too proud to seek advice and help from others, then you will put too much pressure on yourself. If you run your own business and need support with certain financial tax returns. Why not use vat consultancy services, for example? It will take a lot of weight off your shoulders to know that a professional has your back.

Take control and say no

This may seem a little contradictory considering the previous advice, however, being a people pleaser and continually helping other people out will get you nowhere fast. No one respects a people pleaser, you out on a face and think that always being there gains respect. The exact opposite is true. To take control of your life, and find more time for you, you have to start saying no to people. They may be shocked at first if they are used to you being general dogsbody, but a lifestyle change like this will help you no end. 

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