Killer Advice For Organising An Epic Stag Do

Not only are your best friends getting married, but you’ve been asked to be the best man. It’s an honour to be involved in their wedding, but that’s for later. Before the nuptials, you’ve got a stag do to organise, one that you want to be the best weekend of his life. Of course, this puts pressure on you, especially if there is plenty of admin to do to make sure everyone is ready to party like it’s 1999.

The best stag dos stick to a couple of basic rules that keep the whole event as simple as possible. Carry on reading to find out what they are and how they help.


Control The Numbers

The excitement makes it easy to invite everybody along for the ride. The problem with asking tens of people is that it makes it tougher to control. Suddenly, you must book flights and accommodation for fifty people, and it’s a daunting thought. By controlling the numbers, you can negate the risk associated with too many lads on a stag do. Although he might know more than twenty people, it’s usually pretty easy to keep it below this number. For starters, older family members will pass because it’s too rowdy, and flaky mates won’t give you money in time. So, focus on the friends you know are guaranteed to go.

Ask For More Than You Need

Getting the guys to put in more money than necessary sounds as if it will go down like a lead balloon. However, the trick is to explain what the money’s for – the stag’s kitty. Throwing in an extra ¬£20 each, which isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, will pay for a couple of rounds of drinks, as well as some activities during the day. Be upfront about the costs so that nobody can complain, and you shouldn’t get too much blowback. As long as the stag isn’t overly expensive, everyone will be happy to pay more.

Book An Event For The Afternoon

Stag dos tend to stick to a tried and tested routine. You set off on Friday and go out drinking, then get up Saturday and do it all over again before leaving on Sunday. Sadly, sinking pints might get old and lose its shine after a while, which is why you need an activity. Attending a horse racing meet, for instance, is a fantastic option to relieve the boredom and take a few hours off from the booze. Plus, some professional horse racing tips could turn it into a productive day out! Alternatives that are worth exploring are go-karting and paintball, depending on the destination and its amenities.

Introduce Everyone

The groom will have different groups of friends. While you might know them all, not everybody will have your connections. So, to ease the tension and relieve the awkwardness, it’s wise to introduce the groups to one another. All it takes is a, “do you know these guys?” and all the attendees should be a lot more comfortable.

What makes a stag do a bad experience is when there are cliques that are anti-social!

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