Helping A Loved One Say Goodbye Forever

While some of us will depart this world without as much warning as we would like, those living with a life limiting diagnosis are in something of a different position. They have the time and knowledge to know how they want to say goodbye, and we can help them do it as well. As much as we may have our own grief to deal with, here are a few ways to ensure our loved ones say goodbye as they want to.


Making them as comfortable as possible

As we near the end of our lives, we might think that health care services don’t have too much to offer. However, it could help your loved one relax a little more towards the end and have less difficulties to cope with if they have some care and comfort from a professional. Palliative care services are based directly on this idea, helping address the symptoms and pains that can happen towards the end of life, so that your loved one can say goodbye as peacefully as possible.

Giving them less to do

You could be a lot of help to your loved one by taking care of duties as simply as taking care of their home and their garden if they want a little help with that, for instance. However, many people who are facing the end of life will be thinking about how they want to say those final goodbyes. You can work with them, representing them with funeral directors to make sure you help them choose from the different types of burials. Learn about what their wants for the ceremony are and help them arrange them.

Ensuring their last wishes are honoured

It is also likely to be the case that your loved one will have some say in where they want their assets to go and how they want their final wishes to be carried out when they are gone. If they have been future planning, you can help them by finding them legal help in establishing or changing a will, as well as acting as the executor of their estate.

Most importantly of all, be there for them

Helping your loved one with their practical needs can undoubtedly be helpful, taking some of the pressure off their shoulders and letting them experience a little more peace during their final days. However, you shouldn’t act solely as a career, you should ensure you are spending quality family time with them, too. Anticipatory grief may be affecting both of you, and spending time together can help you cope with that. Of course, if they need space, then you should be sensitive to that, as well. We all go through grief in different ways and you have to accept whatever form their may come in.

Most importantly, take care of yourself. Your loved one would not want you sacrificing your physical or emotional health on their behalf. Furthermore, you can be a lot more help to them if you’re taking better care of yourself as well.

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