Commuter’s Choice: Modern Hatchback Vs Classic Executive

Do you spend on average around 2 or more hours in your car, getting to and from work every day? If this is the primary transport option, you’ll realise how important everything besides power and acceleration is. Suddenly, the shape of the seats matters a whole lot more. Your comfort is paramount and the features of the interior suddenly become more important than the looks. You’re not the only one as millions of people would like to own a car that has been designed for commuting. If you’re going to be spending over 10 hours a week inside your car, in a hot stuffy cramped area, why shouldn’t your car be focussed on long-term comfort? The good news is, there’s no shortage of great ‘long legs’ cars that provide the driver with the best seating position, materials and other practical benefits such as great mileage.

Medium-sized workhorse

In the UK, perhaps the most common brand you’ll see on the streets is Ford. The US and European branches of Ford are very different so you won’t be recognising any large Ford trucks on the roads. However, you will see the Ford Focus on many motorways. It’s a medium-sized car, one of the most notable hatchbacks and these days, is used as a common commute car. With the latest EcoBoost technology, the Focus can achieve a high torque figure for engine displacement size. The 1.6-litre EcoBoost would make for a brilliant commuter car because the turbo is very flexible. When you’re cruising, it’s working at a lower rate, allowing for a huge 47.1 miles per gallon average. However, when you put your foot down, for example when you want to overtake, you have access to 148bhp and 240Nm of torque. The 0-62 time is a respectable 8.6 seconds. You also get the stop-start feature as standard as well as climate control. A comfortable, quick yet efficient motorway hound.

A little more executive

Okay so, perhaps hatchback is not really what you had in mind. You want something a little more debonair, more style, larger, sleeker and maybe even a more classic design? Well, unless you’re ready to fork over large bills only, you should look at the used car options. Just one example, over at Carlton Car Centre they have an early 2000s classic in the 2005 Mercedes-Benz E class E320 CDI Avantgarde . It’s a 5-door diesel, with 222 bhp out of a 3-litre engine. For the weight, size and even year, the technology still produces a combined average of 37.2 miles per gallon on average. The silver arrow is known for quality, with a history of grand tourer design, this is a more luxurious car for the executive who is chomping up hundreds of miles a week to and from work. You can drive this car away for just £3,000 which is around £17,000 cheaper than a new Focus. 

More and more Ford Focuses are being seen on motorways. They make for great commuter cars because of their efficient engines and modern features. But the classic grand tourer 4-door monsters are not going away anytime soon. 

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