3 Big Purchases To Spice Up Your Life This Year

It’s time to enter the new year with a new outlook on life. I’ve spoken about taking more risks in a previous post, but now I want to talk about doing something drastic. Kickstart the year with a huge and lavish purchase that will really spice up your life and change the way you do things. I’m talking about a real statement purchase to almost kickstart the year and move ahead with a whole new approach to your life. 

So, here are some ideas I had rattling around in my head:

A Yacht


If you’ve been saving up for a while, then now could be a good time to splash your cash on a yacht. Yachts exude class and wealth, and they’re excellent for party lovers. With a yacht, you can set sail out in the ocean and have crazy parties or adventures with all your mates. Even when the sea is rough, you can dock the yacht and have loads of fun. It’s something that you’ll get loads of use out of, but it’s also very impressive. People will take more notice of you if you have a yacht, it can help you get into some prestigious clubs or inner circles. Sure, it costs a lot of money, but that’s the whole point – it’s supposed to be a huge and life-changing purchase!

A Big Truck

Buying a new vehicle is an excellent way to spice up your life and go from drab to entertaining. You could buy a supercar, but I think a big truck is way better. Trucks can be super cool these days, and the main reason I’m suggesting one is that you can take them off-road. Well, some can go off-road, and if you choose to get one, then you may need red diesel to get better performance out of it on the different terrain. A truck makes you feel more manly and powerful. The high seating position makes you seem like you’re the king of the roads, and the sound and feel of the engine sends shivers down your spine. It will definitely make a statement and help you enhance your life. Plus, if you get an off-road one, then you have a new dimension to your spare time. Find some awesome off-roading routes and put the peddle down as you gain loads of new and exhilarating experiences.

A House


Purchases don’t get much bigger than a house! If you don’t have one, then 2020 could be the year that you get on the property ladder. It’s a significant step, and you will see a drastic change in your daily life. Even if you do have a house, then why don’t you buy another one? Either move into the new one and start afresh or rent one of the properties out to make some extra money. Property is an excellent investment, and it’s a huge purchase to breathe some new energy into your life. 

2020 is the dawn of a new decade. So, do something dramatic and add new experiences to your life. Buy something that will make a huge statement and kick your year off in the best way possible. 

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