Get Road Trip Ready This Holiday Season!

The holiday season is around the corner, and you need to get ready. If you’re planning to drive to family for the festivities, you’ve got a lot on your plate with packing, getting the kids ready and making sure that your car is a safe one to drive. The most important of these is ensuring that your car is safe. The last thing that you want to do is get on the road to see your family an end up stranded because your car just didn’t comply with the trip. 


The roads are dangerous at the time of year, and it’s not just about whether there is frost and snow in your area. The amount of people who are on the road to get to their loved ones makes for a higher risk of sleepy drivers, and it’s something that needs to be planned out carefully to avoid the busiest times of the day where possible. So, with that in mind, let’s look at some of the ways that you can get your car road-trip ready for the festive season.

Keep your eye on your speed when you’re driving. Sometimes, if you’re not careful about it, you can drift higher on the speedometer because the only thing you’re thinking about is getting to your destination quickly. A small decrease in how fast you’re going can make a big difference to the risk of crashing.

Before you get going, get your car checked over. It may not be time for the usual inspection, but you’re about to be on the road for some time so a quick once-over isn’t going to hurt. You can get the tyres checked and chained (if necessary) and get the dented alloy replaced with a fresh one. Ask them to test your brakes, check your steering and make a point of ensuring that you have enough fluids in all compartments of the car.

Be smart about your driving habits over the festive season. If you plan to have a glass or two of wine with your Christmas meal, you need to either sleep where you are drinking or have someone else drive you back to your hotel/room/wherever you’re sleeping. No drinking and driving, please. It’s not worth the risk. This video will tell you why.

Take the time to be a polite driver. You may not be the type of driver to allow people to overtake you, but courtesy can make a big difference over the holiday season. Respect all of the drivers on the road and you’ll be able to abide by the road rules as you go. You’ll also be driving far safer as a result.

Check on your insurance policies and roadside assistance policies before you get going. Make sure that you have invested properly in both so that if you do breakdown at the side of the road, you’re going to be able to get help.

There is nothing worse than a driver who is reckless at Christmas. Don’t ruin the holiday season for other people this year.

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