5 Alternative Sports To Try In The New Year

The turn of a new year is the perfect chance to set yourself fresh goals and try something new, so why not forgo the usual New Year’s resolutions of losing weight and getting rich in favour of something that will provide you with new memories and experiences, such as trying a new sport. Sport is a great way to improve both your physical and mental health and can also introduce you to new friends. So here are 5 alternative sports to try this year. 


Clay pigeon shooting
Clay pigeon shooting is a very skilful sport which involves shooting firearms at moving clay targets. Played in controlled environments the sport is very safe and is a chance to appreciate the technical skill involved with the shooting of a shotgun. Most venues provide rental equipment though many players do tend to buy their own custom earplugs for shooting to protect their ears from the loud bangs of the gun. 

Hurling is an outdoor team game of ancient Gaelic Irish origin and has been played for over 4000 years. Played on a larger version of a rugby pitch two teams battle to take possession of and score goals with a ball known as a sliotar using their hurl, a wooden stick. Hurling is a very physical sport and no protective padding is worn by players except for a plastic helmet making it perfect for those seeking something a bit more rough and exciting.

BMX Freestyle Park
You may be able to ride a bike but can you ride a BMX? BMX riding is a full-body workout and with countless tricks to learn it’s a sport that you can practice for years and never fully master. BMX bikes can be ridden at both indoor or outdoor skateparks and in the summer can also be ridden over dirt tracks and jumps. With BMX Freestyle Park making its debut at the 2020 Olympics there’s now a lot of hype around these little bikes and it’s a great time to get involved.

Bouldering is a form of rock climbing and is performed on lower rocks called boulders. Bouldering gyms have cropped up all over the country with the sport now forming a part of the Climbing category in the Olympics for the first time. With no need for harnesses, hats or any form of climbing gear except an optional pair of climbing shoes, bouldering is a great sport for those looking for something that will help them to build strength in an environment more fun than the gym.

Thousands of children across the world wished they would have the chance to play Quidditch, the main sport from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, and now they can. Sadly the non-magical version of Quidditch doesn’t involve flying broomsticks, instead, teams of 7 players run across a grass pitch in pursuit of the snitch, which is often a tennis ball in a sock carried by a snitch runner. Players can also score points with the Quaffle and must avoid being hit by Bludgeons (dodge balls). The game is fast-paced, physical and fun and there’s still a little bit of magic involved too. 

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