4 Good Reasons To Grab A Board And Start Surfing

When it comes to sports activities, surfing always scores major points on the fun scale. Mastering the art of surfing is a good addition to any bucket list, and if you’re wondering why that is, here come 5 real great reasons to get your surf-on!

A top work out 

Surfing provides a full-body workout that is pretty unmatchable when compared with many other sports activities. You’ll get a great cardio workout, plus improve your stamina and core strength. You’ll tone up, improve your balance, and test your agility. Surfing is ideal to get in shape (when done right)! Great cardio exercise will increase your lung capacity and reduce your risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol too. 

Boost endorphins 

So it’s no secret that exercise gives your body an endorphin boost like no other. Being outdoors amongst nature has also long been praised for getting those endorphins pumping. With this in mind, it’s not hard to see why sports activities in the natural world leave your body and mind feeling so amazing. Once you’ve got the knack of surfing, you’ll realise that there’s no feeling quite like it. 


Travelling opportunities 

Once you get into surfing, you won’t be able to stay in one place ( if you want to find the best waves)! It’s a hobby that can take you to some truly amazing destinations. There are some great surf-based festivals and clubs out there, so you’ll likely end up meeting some new people too. If you’ve got friends who would like to try it, why not take surfing up together? Perhaps you’ve got someone’s birthday coming up who might love surfing gift vouchers? Once you’ve had a little taster, that’s often all you need to get hooked. 

A new challenge 

Learning new things is great for the mind and body both. We all know that getting stuck in the same old regime can sometimes leave you feeling a little bored and uninspired. When you challenge yourself to learning something new, you can increase your well being and confidence too. Surfing is an excellent activity to practice patience and being mindful. All in all, your mind will get a nice work out as well as your body. Activities which rely on such extreme focus can be therapeutic and help us to focus on the present moment.

Safety first 

When you’re new to surfing, you’ll want to adhere to any restrictions on the beach and take a friend with you if possible. Ensure that your board has grip or is waxed at the top to help you stay safe. Many people like to use a leg rope when they are first starting out as a precaution. As with any sport, do a good warm-up before you start so that you don’t injure any muscles. Stay hydrated and use sunscreen to protect your skin if appropriate. With all safety boxes ticked, you’ll be ready to hit the waves in no time at all! 

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