A Practical Men’s Gift Guide

Every year people are trying to get bigger better and more exciting gifts – but actually, those gift staples are excellent. There is an art to giving a good gift, but it is essential to think about what is going to be useful and used.



Beards are a big deal and have been for a few years. But even the best beards need some grooming. Trimming the edges with a classic razor is something that gives a super clean edge. They rose in popularity with retro shows like Peaky Blinders, as did the undercut hairstyle. This works just as well for someone who likes a clean shave too. Along with a classic blade razor, grab some shaving cream and a brush to give them the full experience. 


While there are millions of people buy Africa Lynx, you can dodge that gift set, and go for something a bit more upmarket. If you want to splash out, then Creed Silver Mountain Water is a good option. Tom Ford Oud Wood is an expensive option, but the scent really lasts and isn’t overpowering either. If you are looking for more budget-friendly then Hugo Boss, Boss Bottled is a great option and so is Gucci Guilty Intense For Him. Depending on who you’re buying for you should get some samples, take the strips away for a few hours and take a sniff when they have settled. It is worth remembering that it will smell different on the person too. 


There are a few options for men’s jewellery. If they have their ears pierced and can pull off a beautiful big rock, then find some diamond earrings. Thick silver bracelets suit almost everyone, and a gorgeous pair of cufflinks will never go wrong. If your intended giftee wears a big mix of leather bracelets and rings, then it is much easier to buy a range for them. TopMan, Selfridges, and Zara have a big selection. 


While it might seem a bit boring if they do a lot of driving, you could consider a dashcam if they don’t already have one. In previous years Sat Navs were big business, but now people are using Waze or Google Maps more often. But dashcams are not only going to save them money on their insurance in some cases but will also be evidence if anything should happen. You can get a great budget-friendly from Next Base. You’ll need to grab a micro SD too, but it’s worth it. 


If your giftee is one for getting out there and grabbing the bull by the horns, then you might want to check out racing experience days, hot air balloon rides or even skydiving. They are adrenaline-fuelled days that come with the perk of being able to book when the recipient wants to go. 

Gifts don’t have to be out and out lavish, sometimes the best gift really is socks and a jumper. So next time you are worried about buying a gift, just think about what is practical – as well as wanted. 

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