Car Safety On The Long Trip

Summer is all about fun. Part of that fun comes in the form of seeing new places and doing different things. To do these things may require a bit of a trip in the car. Whether a long haul or something only a few hours away it pays to make sure you have the right items on board in case anything happens out in the sticks. Travel broadens the mind but it can be dangerous if you haven’t properly prepared for your trip. These tips can help you prepare correctly for your trip and mitigate any potential issues when you’re out and about.


Make Sure The Car Is Up To Scratch

It starts simple. Make sure there’s oil, coolant, windscreen water, the basics. You’re going to want to check your tyres too. Make sure you inflate them to their recommended psi setting as per the information usually stored on the inside of the door. Check their tread depth too. If you’re doing some offroading or are planning something on the wild side think about changing out some of your parts for performance ones. Czok parts can help improve your ride. If you’re going somewhere with a heavier rainfall you’ll want to check your blades too. Once your car is in a good condition you can move onto the next part of your trip. If you’re really worried about it there’s no harm in taking it for a service or asking a mechanic to check over any worry points you may have.

Stock Up

If you’re going camping or on a long trip there are things you need to put in your vehicle to make sure you and your passengers are safe. An emergency stash of high energy food is a good start. A few bottles of water can go a long way too. If you get stranded somewhere its a must. As is a blanket. It might be summer but it can get pretty nippy at night if you go somewhere with a lot of high ground or mountainous terrain. A first aid kit is another must. Especially if you’re going somewhere to be active like swimming or rock climbing. Most camping sites will have their own first aid areas but it can’t hurt to bring your own.

Plan Your Route

Know exactly where you are going and plan ahead. Check the terrain out. If you’re going somewhere up high with snowfall make sure your tyres are good enough and consider chains. At the tail end of summer snow can fall on the highest peaks. Same for marshy areas. If you’re going off road you’ll want to make sure you tell someone. Phone signal doesn’t always work out in the sticks and if you’re alone you could run into trouble. If someone knows where you are you can limit this. Look ahead for events and road closures as they can throw you off course. Most phones have SatNav installed these days but if you’re without signal it’s so easy to get lost in unfamiliar places. If you know about these events beforehand you’ll be fine.

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