5 Awesome Reasons To Take Your Kids Fishing

When it comes to how we spend our leisure time, most of us have something of an embarrassment of riches. Many of us have parks, museums, galleries, cinemas nature reserves, theatres and a whole lot more on our doorstep… Yet when a rainy Saturday afternoon rolls around so many of us can think of nothing better to do than cram our kids into a shopping centre…


If you yearn for the great outdoors and want to get away from the hustle and bustle, a fishing trip can be the perfect antidote to the stressful and fast paced modern lifestyle. What’s more, it’s not just a great solo trip for blokes attempting to get away from it all. Taking your kids fishing can be really great for their development, too. So did your rods out of the attic, pick up some basics from Bait Superstore and take your kids on a fishing trip they’ll never forget. Just some of the many benefits include…


Fishing teaches kids patience

In an era of fast paced and violent video games and mobile gaming apps, you may find that your kids roll their eyes at first when you tell them you’re taking them fishing. Nonetheless, when they start to settle into it they realise the importance of patience and enjoying the anticipation of catching a fish as much as the catching itself.

It encourages kids to relax and settle into the moment and slow down the pace of living a little.

It gets them thinking about where food comes from

Even if you choose not to eat any fish you catch, fishing is (traditionally at least) a way of sourcing food. In an era where so many kids are served an approximation of food rather than actual food in the school canteen (anyone remember Jamie Oliver’s crusade against Turkey Twilzzlers a few years ago), it behoves kids to learn more about food and where it comes from.

This is a great way to start a dialogue about nutrition and even sustainability, which brings us to…

It teaches them to respect nature

For generations we humans have gotten it very, very wrong when it comes to our relationship with nature. If we don’t take steps to mend our ways now, who knows what kind of planet our kids will inherit?

A fishing trip is a great opportunity to talk to your kids about nature and teach them the importance of respecting it. Teach them about how it’s important to look after our rivers, canals and oceans to protect the fish and wildlife who depend on them, and the people who eat the fish that live in the waters. Raising your kids to be environmentally aware is arguably more important than ever.

It gets them out in the great outdoors

Do you worry that your kids spend too long indoors or with their facies buried in electronic devices? A fishing trip provides a great excuse to get your kids out in the sunshine and fresh air, amidst the quotidian beauty of nature. That’s great for kids’ development and a natural mood booster for the whole family.

It’s good old fashioned family fun!

Finally, fishing can bring families closer together. It’s a time-honoured activity that fathers, sons and daughters have enjoyed together for generations.

Why deprive your kids of something so special?

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