Indie Artists Making Waves In 2019

The indie scene is one of the most exciting in all of the music industry, thanks to the constant churn of bands coming out with new sounds and ideas. 2019 promises to be yet another year of triumphs, as indie music goes from strength to strength, far from the mainstream of pop.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most promising bands of 2019: artists just coming online that will provide fans with novel and interesting sounds. Let’s take a look.

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Ten Tonnes

First on the list is Hertford-born artist, Ten Tonnes. Ten Tonnes who is 21, comes from a musical family and hopes to continue in the same vein. Christened Ethan Barnett, this budding young artist got coached by one of the members of the Maccabees and is now enjoying stunning success, going on tour with both the Stereophonics and Ton Grennan last year.

Barnett’s most successful track to date is Better Than Me. You can listen to a live version of the track on YouTube.

Sophie And The Giants

Sophie and the Giants first got together in 2017. Since then, they’ve gone on to write a substantial amount of music and have managed to get their sound out there to some of the most influential people on the music scene, including Tom Grennan who seems to pop up everywhere. When Grennan heard the band’s music, he was so impressed he immediately invited them to go on tour with him, and the band obliged.

The band first set up in Sheffield, playing local gigs. Fronted by the voice of Sophie Scott – hence the name of the group – their debut EP came out in 2017. The band went on a European tour last year, playing at venues all over the continent, and have also done several shows in London’s Camden Town. Will you go and see Sophie and the Giants this year?

Sea Girls

For a band compromised entirely of men, Sea Girls is perhaps a somewhat strange choice for a name. But it’s not their name that has given this band it’s stellar reputation: it’s their obsession with creating epic-sound guitar noises in their music. When you go to a Sea Girls concert, it’s surprisingly easy to rock out.

This year, the band will be going on tour around the UK, playing at venues in London and Leeds. If you want to find out more about the group, you can listen to their sound on YouTube as they play live. Their most popular single to data is All I Want To Hear You Say. Check it out.

Indoor Pets

Indoor Pets are one of the strangest bands to hit the music scene in recent years. The group changed its name from the equally esoteric Get Inuit a couple of years ago, perhaps because they wanted to make more of an impact. Who knows?

Bands like Indoor Pets can get their music reviewed on sites like The group likes to be strange. In fact, their album is called “Being Strange.” If you’re the sort of person who likes creepy stuff, then this is for you.

Fuzzy Sun

Fuzzy Sun from Stockport, UK, are a five-piece band, with a haunting sound. With a clever combination of male and female vocals, their music speaks to a broad audience.

You could describe the band as psychedelic. They make use of interesting guitar riffs and chord changes, switching things up unexpectedly. In 2019, the group will perform live at Edgeley Park homecoming show. They also have dates to play in Manchester and London.

Sam Fender

Sam Fender first came to the attention of music bosses in 2013. For Sam, it’s been a long road to the top. But in 2018, he signed a deal with the record label Polydor and has been enjoying the fruits of success ever since.

Sam released his first single in 2017 called Play God. His success came on the back of understanding how modern music distribution works. Instead of trying to go down the traditional route, he instead decided to focus on music distribution platforms and social media. Fender achieved remarkable success, generating more than a million downloads on Spotify.

Fender’s success on popular music platforms led on to success in the formal music sector. He won the Brit Critic’s Choice Award in 2019, gaining him universal recognition for his work. Fender will make appearances in Brixton, and Warrington this year. You’ll be lucky if you can get tickets, as this artist is top-rated right now.

Fever 333

It’s been a long time since a band came along with a similar sound to Rage Against The Machine. But that’s what Fever 333 is going for here. The group is a rap-rocking whirlwind, with one of their songs breaking into the top ten mainstream rock songs last year. Walking In My Shoes was a chart success, suggesting that this band might have more music in the tank.

Will the band be able to follow up its earlier success in 2019? That remains to be seen. The group, however, is unapologetic about its sound and hopes that it can gain a following. It’s been a good twenty years since Rage Against The Machine, so the market could be ready for something with a similar sound. What’s interesting about Fever 333 is that sometimes they sound a bit like Linkin Park. What do you think?

Wild Pink

Wild Pink is a band out of New York City. They describe their music as “panoramic rock” with the idea being to tell stories through music. It’s certainly not mainstream stuff, but it could appeal to a specific audience who want to do something other than rock out to rock music.

In 2018, the band released Yolk In The Fur, a unique and original album that is unlike anything already out there according to The group hopes to release new EPs this year, and want to sign to more prominent indie labels to get their music more widely distributed. Will they succeed? We’ll be watching.

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